REPORT: Count My Vote (SB54) – The Story So Far

REPORT: Count My Vote (SB54) – The Story So Far

By Ed Wallace & The Utah Yaks / Dec 21, 2018

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VIDEO – Why Are We Appealing the #SB54 Decision?

SB0054 – Utah State Legislature – – Text of bill

A Brief History of Keep My Voice

CMV Background

Could Count My Vote (SB54) be viewed as trying to kill democracy in Utah? Or, as cementing the wholesale takeover of our political system? Could CMV be viewed as insidious, diabolical, and a massive manipulation of Utah citizens? We argue that the obvious answer is yes. CMV has been portrayed as a political and righteous movement to save democracy in Utah – quite the opposite from what it is. For the last four years Count My Vote has been dismantling Utah’s Neighborhood Elections without a significant push back. The State of Utah has spent hundreds of thousands defending the unconstitutional SB54 law.

CMV has travelled a rocky road and is now heading to the U. S. Supreme Court. Utah resident Dr. Ronald Mortenson, who has been nominated by President Trump to be Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, wrote an investigative piece that begins to shed some light and perspective on CMV’s origins.

This background report has 4 major sections:

1 – The Origins of Count My Vote

 2 – Report: Utah’s Oligarchs – Fighting to Maintain Control – Take a Dive into Utah’s Swamp – An Investigative Report on Utah’s Elite by Dr. Ronald Mortensen

3 – CMV & the UTGOP. The Utah Republican Party has been used as a tool by the Utah establishment and elite for decades.

4- Media Track – Articles and Opinion from 2011 to present.

The Origins of Count My Vote

In truth, SB54 (Count My Vote) is the biggest fraud that has ever been perpetuated onto the Utah electorate and is diabolical in nature. From 2011 to present, Count My Vote and Alliance for Good Government (AGG) has spent $1,848,291.95. $1,345,493.43 (about 73%) of that has gone directly to the Exoro Group. 4 of the 5 founding members of Alliance for Good Government were/are principles of the Exoro Group. This adds another dimension to the movement, at least to us. The Exoro Group is a Salt Lake City-based public affairs firm specializing in public policy, and strategic communications.” They publish Utah Policy Daily, Utah Pulse, Utah State Legislative Guide & Precinct Caucus Meeting Training Manual.

AGG was started 11/7/2011 by LaVarr Webb, Rich MeKeown, Taylor D Morgan, Lindsey Zizumbo &  Maura Carabello (all associated with EXORO) as Alliance for Good Government for a Ballot Proposition called Count MY Vote. Source –

An article in the Deseret News Consultants of Exoro are an interesting mix gets into some interesting detail of Exoro.The 2012 contributions totaled $40,300.00 and jumped to$793,220.90 in 2013.

This 8/18/2013 KSL story Count My Vote starts drive to replace Utah’s election system establishes the exact date CMV & Former Gov. Mike Leavitt filed the paperwork (signed by Leavitt, Stephen Owens, Norma W. Matherson, Rich McKeown & Gail Miller) to begin gathering signatures and adds names of supporters. This is a lengthy story with good details, including:

A bipartisan group of prominent political figures, including former Gov. Norm Bangerter, a Republican, and Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams and former first lady Norma Matheson, all Democrats, gathered at the Capitol for the announcement. They were joined by other Utahns, including a former missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”  Could the genesis of CMV be an effort by UT democrats to destroy the GOP?

SB54 originated in 2014, but it appears CMV was going as early as 2012. In 2013, Curt Bramble used the rationale of CMV having enough money and signatures to win on the ballot and “he,” “the legislature” had to step in and STOP them in the 2014 session. The earliest CMV story found in a Yahoo ‘Count My Vote’ search, May 23, 2013: states: “In our opinion: Utah’s caucus system needs reform (Deseret News) “The voice of the people needs to be heard on this subject. The time has come to include all voters in picking candidates, not just an elite few.” (In truth, CMV was backed by a elite few)

The earliest investigation provides valuable insights and is found on this blog: The Insiders Trying To Kill Utah’s Caucus System (Update – Jowers, Deseret News, And Plan B)(Update With Plan C) by Utah Rattler – May 12, 2011.

Take a Dive into Utah’s Swamp – An Investigative Report on Utah’s Elite

Report: Utah’s Oligarchs – Fighting to Maintain ControlBy Ronald Mortensen, Columnist at / 4/30/18

“An oligarchy is a system where power rests with a small number of people – the rule of the few. The oligarchs may be distinguished by their wealth, their family ties, or by corporate, religious or military control. The word “oligarch” is generally used when referring to Russian entities.

The Utah’s Oligarchs’ fingerprints can be found all over the 2018 Count My Vote (aka Buy My Vote), Our Schools Now and Medicaid expansion citizen (ballot) initiatives. The Count My Vote initiative greatly enhances the Oligarch’s political power by ensuring that money plays the key role in deciding the outcome of political campaigns.

Over the years, the Utah Oligarchs have consistently fought to maintain their power whenever they felt threatened. In 2000, the Oligarchs were surprised when Governor Michael O. Leavitt was forced into a primary election but he still won so no real harm was done. Four years later the Oligarchs were angered when Governor Olene Walker was denied the Republican gubernatorial nomination but they let it pass since she entered the race late and delegates sent two candidates who were fully acceptable to the Oligarchs to a primary election – Jon Huntsman, Jr. and Nolan Karras. However, they were shaken to the core when Senator Robert Bennett’s career was unceremoniously ended by the delegates to the Republican State convention in 2010 and they resolved to never let it happen again. Thus, CMV was born out of defeat and the fear of future losses. The handwriting was on the wall.

In January of 2012, Leavitt announced that he was supporting the Oligarchs’ Count My Vote ballot initiative that would be placed on the 2014 ballot. That ballot initiative was subsequently withdrawn after the Utah State Legislature caved-in to the Oligarchs’ demands and passed SB54 in March 2014. SB54 gives candidates a dual pathway to the ballot – by the convention or by gathering signatures. This ensures that the Oligarchs can maintain political control by financing campaigns which are now money driven.  When the Oligarchs faced pushback against SB54 from Republican Party activists, the Oligarchs resurrected their ballot initiative and were close to getting it on the 2018 ballot.

The second Utah Oligarch driven ballot initiative in 2017/18 was titled My Schools Now. Like the original Count My Vote ballot initiative, it achieved its desired results without requiring a vote of the people because the legislature caved-in and gave the Oligarchs most of what they were demanding: a property tax increase, sharply increased education funding and an agreement to put a question on the 2018 ballot asking taxpayers if they support a 10 cent per gallon (33%) gas tax increase. The Oligarchs were for the most part held harmless because over the years, they have managed to get the legislature to either totally eliminate or sharply reduce the taxes they pay.

The Oligarchs who developed and/or provided major funding for the Count My Vote ballot initiatives include former Governor Mike Leavitt, Gail Miller, Scott Anderson, Kem Gardner, Dell Loy Hansen, Khosrow B. Semnani, Bruce Bastian, Mark Miller, John Price, H. Roger Boyer, Brent Beesley, and David Simmons. Other Oligarchs giving substantial support to the initiative included Val Overson, Kirk Jowers, Norma Matheson, S.F. Eccles, Bryson Garbett, LaVarr Webb and Rich McKeown. Oligarch controlled organizations that provide support include the Salt Lake and Sandy Chambers of Commerce, the Hatch Election Committee, Garff Enterprises, and the Huntsman Corporation.

The names of the individuals and corporations that are associated with the ballot initiatives come up over and over again as one looks at the systems that have been put in place to achieve the Utah Oligarchs’ agenda. In summary, Utah’s Oligarchs have established an entire network of interlocking organizations to reinforce their political power and to help make their agenda, the state’s agenda. The fruits of their labor can be seen in the plethora of tax and fee increases passed by the Utah State legislature in recent years, by the unwinding of the caucus/convention system and by the growth of government at all levels.”

Count My Vote & the Utah Republican Party

Report: ROB ANDERSON: The Face Behind the Mask – Published February 22, 2018 by

UTAH REACTS to Anderson dropping SB54 lawsuit  – Published November 3, 2017 by

Paul Cozzens As a board member of Grassroots Republic I reached out to Dave Bateman this morning with concerns about our chair Rob Anderson and his reckless action on wanting to dismiss the lawsuit before we get a decision from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Chairman Anderson cited the reason was so the party will not incur any more expense. Dave said “I will personally fund the lawsuit going forward”. We appreciate his willingness to insure this important fight moving forward.”

Dave Bateman: “I read about the plan for the Utah GOP to drop the lawsuit against SB54 for budget reasons, just before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals is set to rule on the challenge made. Doing so would be a tragedy, and will undermine our party, and the healthy business climate my company and others enjoy in Utah. After a discussion with Grassroots Republic, I’ve decided to personally pledge to fund the lawsuit from this point forward, and have drafted a letter to Rob Anderson and the Utah GOP Central Committee to let them know. There’s no longer any reason to drop the lawsuit, other than a desire to allow political elites to buy Utah’s elections. State delegates are educated, and chosen by their neighbors who know and trust them. They are passionate, and respected within their communities. Without the Caucus system, elections are won by those who can afford to run the most negative TV ads, and place the largest yard signs. Utah’s caucus system is everything our country’s Founders cherished about a republican form of government, and we’re throwing it away if we allow SB54.”

Ed Wallace: “At this point, nothing would surprise me. In my opinion, the corruption and incompetence in Utah politics has reached a level that is worthy of inclusion alongside the professionals in Chicago, Louisiana and Mississippi. This diabolical plot to manipulate and render useless Utah’s election process just keeps on growing.

Ben McClintock: “It’s going to be a lot harder to see through the smoke and mirrors to find those good candidates. So many fake conservatives getting the backing of good people.”

“Wow, Chairman Rob Anderson is reckless and irresponsible, He should be removed ASAP as chairman of the UTGOP, to do this before we even have a decision back from the 10th circuit is reckless and crazy! I hope on Saturday the SCC votes to immediately remove him as chairman and instructs Marcus Mumford that they are the governing body (as stated in the governing documents) and that they lawsuit will continue at least until we get a decision back from the 10th circuit. It will cost the UTGOP a total of $0.00 to wait for the result from the 10th circuit court.”

Utah Republican Party Reaffirms Support of 10th Circuit Appeal – Published November 10, 2017 by

“In light of conflicting media reports, the SCC has reaffirmed its previous near unanimous position. This controversial 2014 law violates First Amendment protections and paves the way to put every private corporation in jeopardy of government interference in its internal affairs. We urge all Utah Republicans and liberty minded people to support the Constitutional Caucus to nominate strong vetted Republican candidates that support the party’s platform of limited government and fiscal responsibility.”

UTGOP Chair Fails to Sabotage Successful Special SCC Meeting – Published December 18, 2017 by USN’s Under Our Dome

“Members of the committee had a verbal contract with Bateman. The Chair intervened after they had an agreement. The Chair changed the agreement and made it a point of the contract that the donor would be held legally liable as a litigant in any legal proceedings. It is just unacceptable to make a donor a litigant. The Chair claims to stand by our governing rules then violates them time after time. You couldn’t script a better villain to take down the Party if you tried. In increasing numbers, SCC members are beginning to feel that they were deceived by a chairman they believed they elected to protect the Caucus System, defend the lawsuit, and pay off the legal fees owed by the Party. Rob was elected after he lied about his support of the caucus and commitment to raising money to pay the debt… never a mention of bankruptcy or restructuring. Had all the delegates known his true intentions and not trusted him at his word I think the result would have been different. Anderson has described his relationship with the committee as “acrimonious”. One source involved in the negotiations described Anderson’s attitude as “bizarre… because the committee has no motive other than to do the job the SCC tasked it to do. This shows that the Chair clearly does not have the same goals as the committee, or the SCC.”

Ed Wallace, Publisher of says: “The simple fact is that the leaders of the Utah Republican Party are responsible for CMV and are now crying to end the suit, knowing that they could very well lose. The Media, CMV and SB54 folks have used the party debt as a club to beat up the party and force them to do their will for years. Very powerful people don’t like it when the Grassroots organize and take care of business and will stoop to any method of thwarting the effort. If the Republican Party has to go down in order for “The Empire” to maintain control, then so be it. There are casualties in every war.”                                                                                

One political consultant stated “So much of this [CMV] has always been about lining the pockets of the consultant class (like EXORO). As a former (and sometimes current) member of the political consulting class, I can tell you that primaries are money makers for “campaign professionals”, and that mostly means media/ad buys.”

Cory Green stated: ”Governor Gary Herbert’s pen (signing SB54 and vetoing Constitutional carry), has done more damage to the Republican party and the God given rights of Utah residents here in Utah, then any individual ever could.”

UTGOP Agrees with Dave Bateman to Settle SB54 Debt & Move Forward – Published Jan 12, 2018 by

“Dave Bateman, CEO of Entrata, agreed to pay off all the existing (around $360,000) and future legal debt (as much as $500,000) relating to the SB54 lawsuit. Bateman also pledged another $100,000 to help with on-going party expenses. The resolution agreeing to continue the lawsuit and take the funding offer was approved with a vote of 68 yes, 1 no, and 1 who abstained. The resolution effectively took UTGOP Chairman Anderson out of the loop.

Anderson had said in a budget meeting that if the party was not out of debt by January he would take the UTGOP into bankruptcy. He also threatened to drop the SB54 lawsuit because of mounting party debt. Twice, under different SCC members, the party has voted to continue the lawsuit if no party funds are used.

Anderson and the GOP staff pulled out all the stops in an effort to sabotage the meeting by falsely asserting that the meeting was unnecessary, improper, illegal, and cancelled. Those efforts included bullying and harassing party members, using false rules information, attacking the secretary for doing her job, robocalls and personal calls to not attend the meeting and encouraging a standoff. It was clear that Anderson not only targeted SCC members, but anyone (thousands) who they had emails of.”

Media in Lockstep Over Bateman and UTGOP Agreement About CMV – Published Jan 12, 2018  by

“If nothing else, the Utah mainstream media is fairly consistent in being unfair by slanting their stories in a way that defies reality by misrepresenting and/or omitting the facts. Two of the three ‘mainstream’ outlets that covered yesterday’s announcement of the UTGOP’s agreement with Dave Bateman were very similar in their approach. These two headlines say it all: SL Tribune – Big donor agrees to cover cost of GOP lawsuit against new Utah election law;  Utah Policy – Deep pocketed donor agrees to pay off Utah GOP’s legal debt. The rest of the media just ignored it except for KUTV 2, who presented a balanced and fair report

What is missing from those stories is the history behind the SB54 legal challenge by the UTGOP and GOP Chairman Rob Anderson’s attempts to stop the lawsuit and put the party into bankruptcy. One SCC member stated “He [Anderson] has ZERO authority to negotiate anything regarding the lawsuit or legal debt. In fact, Rob has ZERO authority to be involved in ANY of it. That authority was taken away from him by the SCC. The committee was simply being polite by giving him the opportunity to agree to the proposal.” In other words, Anderson was forced to sign the agreement with Bateman.

Neither of the two articles mention any of this. Instead, they showed their bias for Anderson by allowing him to paint himself as the hero, and against the rank and file SCC members. Neither of the articles contain any quotes from Bateman or any of the members of the self-governing SCC that stepped up and did the job that Anderson was elected to do.”

Saturday’s SCC Meeting: The “Progressives vs the Renegades”- One Hot Ticket  – Published Jan 26, 2018 by

“This meeting may be the most important SCC meeting in the modern history of the party. It comes at a time of great division and mistrust toward the actions and motives of Chair Rob Anderson. In referring to Anderson and other leaders and staff, one SCC member stated “Now, we have a progressive takeover of the whole progress. The Democrats could not have a better friend inside our Party.”

On one side are SCC members who are staunch supporters of the caucus system and view Anderson as a Count My Vote plant, having done everything within his power of the chair to destroy the party and discontinue the party’s fight against SB54. The other side of progressives and establishment view the caucus supporters as renegades, ideologues, and die-hard purists.

The general feeling among SCC members is that three people in party leadership are leading the party into the hands of CMV. The party has been beaten up continuously for finances. Now that the bills are paid, many are calling a spade a spade and looking to make the State of Utah defend the use of taxpayer dollars.

One SCC member asked “When will we get serious about changing the SB54 argument from how much a private organization is spending to protect its guaranteed Constitutional liberties, to how much the taxpayers of Utah are spending or paying to have the state strip away their own individual liberty by defending SB54?”

If we are to benefit from the wisdom of the founders we must be better educated within our own ranks regarding the principles they endorsed. The founders took measures to steer clear of democracy and explained why. The Caucus system was put in place to keep representation as close to the people as possible while ensuring that campaigns are focused on intelligent debate rather than financial clout.

When Benjamin Franklin left the Constitutional Convention, someone asked him “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” Franklin replied “A Republic, if you can keep it.” The question right now for all SCC members is whether we will do what it takes to keep our Republic? If the problem is ignorance then let’s fix it. If the problem is contempt then let’s expose it”

Report: What’s the GOP Bylaw Ruckus About? Propaganda vs Truth – Published March 2, 2018 by

“True Conservatives, the base of the Republican party, took a giant leap last Saturday in protecting and restoring the values and standards that the party was built upon. Sadly, but expectedly, that has caused an already deep division to intensify as opposing entities continue to battle for the soul of the Utah GOP. Conservatives are happy that they have made strides in removing RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) from being able to take over the party. The anti-Republicans, those claiming to be Conservatives, apparently have no understand what a Republic is or how it works, and are mad that the caucus system is working and that Grassroots Republicans are winning in Utah.

We pledge allegiance to a republic guaranteed in article 4, section 4, of the Constitution. We want liberty over tyranny. We want a republic over a democracy. But, democracy has given us mob rule and a socialist nation. Count My Vote wants more and gives more mob rule. The mob is claiming that the Republican party destroyed itself last Saturday. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, it saved itself.

The Republican Party is the brand that is trusted by the vast majority of the state of Utah. Those people look to that brand for candidates who will be able to strongly support the principles declared in the party platform. For an outside force to dictate how this private organization conducts its business of selecting strong principled candidates is wrong and against the wishes and intentions of our Founders and the Republic they produced. CMV is a way to perpetrate a fraud upon the public at large. SB54 was a compromise in an attempt to minimize that deception. However, it is deceptive in the exact same way.

Brandon Beckham, Keep My Voice (KMV) director at the time stated: “This all goes back to Count My Vote and Curt Bramble making a deal to pass SB54. The law has serious Constitutional issues and they knew it. Legislative counsel warned them but they did it anyway. We wouldn’t be in this mess if people would uphold the Constitution and honor their oath of office.”

Every law that has ever been, has had the full force behind it of local, state, and federal law enforcement. Every law is legal and Constitutional, right up until the point where a judge says it’s not. That is why we challenge laws in court. That is precisely why the UTGOP is challenging SB54.

Joe Levi, on his Restoring our Republic FaceBook page, makes this issue clear. He states: “Should the state of Utah force the Utah Republican Party to allow a democrat senator from Vermont who “identifies as a Republican” to have a signature path to become the nominee of the Utah Republican Party? Should the State of Utah force the LDS church to allow an atheist woman who “identifies as a Mormon Man” to have a signature path to become Bishop?”

May I remind you that there is a document entitled the “Republican Party Platform” that the party holds the candidates too. If they don’t emulate it and adhere to that, then the party has the right to make them go outside the party. The state has no right telling the party how it has to run its business. The fact that it is done here in Utah, where the majority of residents believe in the right to “free agency” as a primary component of life, freedom, and liberty, is an abomination and bastardization of Utah standards, the Constitution and the Republic for which our leaders claim to stand for.”

Here in the desert, Utah has a swamp. Many don’t see it because maybe they’re part of it to one degree or another. Many others are bathing in it.”

UTGOP Chooses D.C. Lawyer Gene Schaerr To Bring SB54 Battle To Supreme Court Published April 2, 2018 by

On Tuesday March 20, 2018 Utah Republicans learned that a split decision by a 3-judge panel of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled against the Utah Republican Party’s First Amendment challenge to SB 54, the controversial Utah law, “Count My Vote” (CMV), that dictates how Utah political parties must nominate their candidates for public office.

Media attention has emphasized the Court’s 2-1 decision against the Party. Less attention has been paid to the substance of the decision and to Chief Judge Timothy M. Tymkovich’s remarkable dissenting opinion, which explains how SB 54 and CMV are in direct violation of the First Amendment. He further warned that “this scheme” appears designed to allow outsiders to “hijack the Party’s platform.”

Chief Judge Tymkovich also warns that the new law essentially means an end to local, neighborhood-driven politics in Utah. “In effect, the new procedures transform the Party from a tight-knit community that chooses candidates deliberately to a loosely affiliated collection of individuals who cast votes on a Tuesday in June.”

Contrary to several recent public statements from SB 54/CMV supporters, this challenge is not over. A 2-1 decision, in which a respected Chief Judge like Judge Tymkovich writes a thorough and deep dissent, gives the Party a real chance to challenge the result and make sure the Court’s decision is consistent with the U.S. Constitution.

Today, we are pleased to announce that renowned constitutional attorney Gene Schaerr has formally agreed to assist the Party by taking the lead in seeking further review of this decision. The Party will soon be filing a petition with the Tenth Circuit asking all current members of the Court, not just the 3-judge panel, to weigh in.

The history of this challenge is worth reviewing. SB 54 was passed by the Utah Legislature during the 2014 session. The Utah Republican Party immediately filed suit and won the first portion of our constitutional challenge, overturning an onerous stipulation requiring the Party to allow non-Republicans to participate in nominating our candidates. While we have not yet prevailed on the current challenge, which seeks to further protect First Amendment freedoms, Judge Tymkovich’s recent support should be heartening to all Constitution-minded Utah citizens. As Judge Tymkovich wrote last week, Count My Vote is a government mandate that “will generate different candidates… among whom are many persons who only nominally associate with the Party. Count My Vote understood that.” Such governmental interference in a private, voluntary associations selection of its representatives is a flat violation of the First Amendment, as understood by those who wrote and ratified it.

Thanks to the generosity of Party donors, no new Party resources are being spent on this legal challenge, and all prior legal debts related to this legal fight have been resolved. This enables us to keep the principled fight for every Utah citizen’s First Amendment freedoms alive, so that every Utah neighborhood has a real and meaningful voice in Utah politics.”

Chairman Rob Anderson Lies To GOP & Maligns Dave Bateman, To Distract Attention From Ethics Violations – By Abraham Maslow – April 4, 2018

“Equally concerning is that Rob Anderson lied to the State Central Committee during the February 24, 2018 special SCC meeting, telling members of the SCC that he never made the reported statements to Tribune reporter Courtney Tanner. Tanner later confirmed she has an audio recording of Anderson’s comments, at which point Anderson stopped making the false claim.

Desperate for a political win, Rob Anderson decides to send a bald-face lie to Utah Republicans: “When I was elected, the Party’s total debt was well over half a million dollars . . . In just nine short months, I am delighted to report that our current finances are as follows: Legal Debt $0 – no liability to the Party any longer.” Notice that Anderson takes all the credit for the debt pay off – not a single mention of Bateman. Why would the GOP Chair attack the GOP’s biggest donor after he brokers a pay off of over $400,000 of Party debt? Perhaps a person who wants to bankrupt the Party.

Romney HATES Caucuses – Here’s the proof – Published April 19, 2018  by

“One of the greatest problems we had at the convention in 2012 was the overreach by the Romney legal team in trying to do away with all the caucuses, in trying to change the process at the federal level to tell the states what they could and couldn’t do. They thought it would be unseemly for a sitting incumbent President Romney to have to go through the gauntlet… of caucuses in the states. So, the Romney team hates caucuses. They think that it beneath the dignity of a candidate for President to have to go out and do caucuses.”

Utah’s GOP Swamp – Have We Reached Bottom – Published 4/20/2018 April 20, 2018 by

“A major effort has been underway in the Utah GOP to deceive, confuse, and mislead GOP members and delegates into thinking a small minority of State Central Committee members (the gang of 51) are using guerrilla tactics to seize control of the SCC. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since he was elected last year as UTGOP Chair, Rob Anderson has done everything he can to cause division within the SCC and has never, not even once, offered an olive branch to the majority of members that he’s alienated.

Instead, in true dictatorial fashion, he continues to find ways to make himself less popular than he already is. There seems to be no bottom to his endless disregard for party bylaws and his efforts to destroy the Republican party and the caucus-convention system. Anderson continues to pull tricks out of his sleeve with less appeal then a burnt-out Las Vegas street magician. The word on the street is that Anderson has told County parties that the SCC Bylaw change has been ruled null & void and should be disregarded. To say that is a lie would be insulting to the word ‘lie’. Anderson has disregarded the will of the party’s ruling entity since he assumed his position.

Since SB54 became law four years ago, there have been FOUR state conventions. During that time no one has ever brought forth an amendment to change the Constitution. The adopted bylaw follows the advice by the District Judge to set the membership of the UTGOP. So, is this organized chaos or anarchy? Who are the “fringe elements” and “lunatics” in the UTGOP? Those who want to follow the rules and save the party, or those working to destroy the party?”

The UTGOP: A Defiant & Divided House – Published 4/26/2018 by

“There is a small, fringe group of radical dictatorial, fascist-type people who are employing every devious method possible in order to retain power and force things to go the way they want. They are people that the party can’t compromise with because that would give in to their desire for total control and we would have a party that stands for nothing beyond sustaining their own self-interests and desire for unrighteous power. These same people are very adept at denying and altering the perception of reality to the point of actually portraying their fringe, lunatic minority as being the reasonable adults in the room. And, with the help of the media, they are villainizing the real party Patriots who are standing up and fighting to restore the Utah values and integrity that would bring honor back into our state leadership and party.

The UTGOP is not dealing with rational and honorable people within its own leadership. The division within the party has not been created by the SCC. The division comes because of the intolerable and vile actions of a few. The division will not go away by calling for party unity, especially when unity depends on the vast majority of SCC, State Delegates, and UTGOP rank-and-file members compromising their principles. The division will not cease by holding hands and singing Kumbaya. The actions and associations of party leadership have proven that they are incapable of compromising and don’t wish too. This division will only deepen and get worse until the Chair resigns or is removed. The honorable thing would be to accept defeat instead of being defiant. It would be even more honorable if he were able to have enough self-awareness to realize that he is the cause of the division and think about what changes he might make instead of expecting others to change. Our party deserves to be lead and represented by like-minded people who are as honorable and reasonable as we are. Until that happens, there will always be division because there will always be Patriots who fight for truth and Liberty.”

1/31/2019 from KMV: Since the state of Utah rejected the appeal request in the SB54 case, the URP now has two weeks to draft and respond with a rebuttal. While SB54 is politically charged, the legal battles are critical to understand, particularly as the case is based on First Amendment issues. We want to share the legal arguments being made and have drafted two-page summaries of each of the eight briefs submitted in petition of cert. For those of you who have an interest in the legal merits of the case but don’t want to wade through 100’s of pages of legalese, this is for you! We’ll be releasing a couple of the summaries each week. To start, we are sharing the Amicus Memorandum – a concise, two-page document that reviews the issues presented, facts and proceedings in the lower courts, and what we hope to achieve. The memorandum was used in recruiting outside organizations to draft briefs for our case and is an easy way to get up to speed on our #PathToTheUSSupremeCourt. Read the Amicus Memorandum here:

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‘Count My Vote’ is back from the dead and wants to be on the – Sept 27, 2017 – Fox13

‘Count My Vote’ initiative relaunches for 2018 seeking to – Sept 28, 2018 – St George Spectrum

Utah, state GOP battle over nominations at Denver-based – Oct 25, 2017 – Denver Post

Count My Vote modifies ballot language for 2018 election Nov 11, 2017 – Fox13

CMV -Another Look – Jan 3, 2018- WWWJr’s Political Commentary

The Utah GOP’s fight for election law as we know it – Jan 30, 2018 –

Count My Vote or Keep My Voice? – Mar 3, 2018 – BYU Political Review

Duel Initiatives over How Utah Political Parties Nominate – Mar 5, 2018 –

Workers Forged Signatures on Utah Petitions – Mar 6, 2018 –

Utah Auditor John Dougall Interview – Mar 7, 2018 – Keep My Voice – YouTube Video

Neighborhood Meetings and Caucus Meetings – Mar 17, 2018 – Free Provo

GOP Establishment and Grassroots in Bitter Utah Battle – Mar 19, 2018 – Breitbart

It’s Official: Buckshot Caucus Members Are Actively Colluding – Apr, 2018 – Keep Utah Free

Keep My Caucus – May 13, 2018 – Delegate Digest

Lawsuit filed against Utah Lt. Gov. Cox over Count My Vote – May 27, 2018 – WKTV

Count My Vote fails to qualify for November’s ballot – May 29 2018 – Utah Policy

Utah Republican Party, Plaintiff-Appellant Filing U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit – May 30, 2018 –

Count My Vote asks Utah Supreme Court to put direct primary on the ballot Jun 6, 2018 – SL Tribune

Keep My Voice determined to preserve traditional caucus – Jul 1, 2018 –

State defends elections law in court challenge from Count My Vote – Jul 3, 2018 – Deseret News

Utah Supreme Court denies Count My Vote initiative spot on Nov BallotAug 24, 2018 –

Count My Vote is down for the count after Supreme Court – Aug 28, 2018 – 2018 –

Utah lawmaker proposing changes to initiative signature – Oct 26, 2018 -SL Tribune

Count My Vote/Keep My Voice and Elections – Dec 20, 2018 – Barry Short

[PDF]2018, Nov 13 I T Supreme Court of the United States


Lt. Governor asks U.S. Supreme Court to reject Utah GOP appeal Jan 29, 2019 / Fox 13

Utah asks U.S. Supreme Court not to hear lawsuit against candidate nomination law – Jan 29, 2019 / Deseret News

This is actual unedited audio of a “Count My Vote” employee lying to a Utah voter to get a signature.

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