Ed Wallace & Utah Standard News Receive KMV Award

Ed Wallace & Utah Standard News Receive KMV Award

Ed Wallace & Utah Standard News Receive KMV Award


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Ed Wallace and Utah Standard News won the KMV Award for most accurate journalism and Utah’s Best Print Media for their outstanding efforts to promote measures that protect voters’ constitutional rights. Wallace is the creator and publisher of UtahStandardNews.com and is a staunch advocate for the return of the proper role of government and a defender of the Bill of Rights. Wallace, along with St. George attorney Larry Meyers (Liberty Law Firm) and Jake Albrecht (Flitch Creative), began publishing USN two years ago and have printed over 26,000 articles and is the only Utah-based media that covers the entire state in addition to reaching all 50 states and over 130 countries.

In presenting the award, Dave Bateman, founder of KMV, said “Nobody else does what he does.” Wallace has been called a “Utah treasure”,  ”the Breitbart of Utah” and “one of the few journalists left in Utah.” Julie Blaney states “The vast work Ed has done in our state and county is mind boggling! He has shed light on hidden topics that would have remained secret, and because of his articles, he has made a credible and respected name for himself and Utah Standard News.”  Travis Seegmiller (Utah HD62) has stated “You are an exemplary man… You are such an amazing asset to our state and nation… You are the only one that even remotely captures the true story of what is happening.”  Phill Wright, Executive Director of KMV, says ““By far, the most thorough, in-depth and fair reporting I’ve ever seen.”

At its core, USN is an independent entity, owned and operated by local neighbors with a vested interest in the events occurring around them. USN is not part of a media empire and strives to provide a refreshing alternative to right and left-wing opinion/news sites by presenting a principled source for news and commentary without the omissions, blatant lies, incomplete truths, diversions, politically correct distortions filled with deliberate propaganda and falsehoods, or any other form of deceit where the truth is avoided.

Wallace states: “In Utah, the deep state does not ‘control’ the media. It doesn’t need to. They own some of it lock, stock and barrel and the ‘journalists’ themselves – some of whom believe they are actually doing real journalism work – are so blinded by the indoctrination that they simply can’t even understand what it was which we cherished so much in the so called Fourth Estate.

These days there is absolutely no shame or stigma whatsoever for running an article which is overloaded with mistakes. The largest media outlets in the state have continually humiliated themselves by publishing articles, opinions and fake polls all in support of the ultra-rich and socialist agenda. The Deseret News has reportedly stated that they will never publish anything that supports a conservative cause. The SL Tribune (The Wasatch Pravda) has never met a liberal cause they didn’t love. The online Utah Policy, owned by LaVarr Webb and funded by Zions Bank, has been little more than a mouthpiece supporting SB54 and every other cause that the ultra-rich Oligarchy pushes.

That explains why the KMV Awards were buried by most of Utah media, including our local St George outlets. The liberal media’s glaring bias is on parade and is crystal clear: they want to sink the news of KMV’s success to the bottom. As far as the public record, perception and dialogue is concerned, that success becomes a non-existent fact. To paraphrase Mark Twain, ‘If you don’t follow the news, you are uninformed. If you do follow the news, you are misinformed.’”

Dr. Ronald Mortensen wrote an exhaustive investigative article for USN revealing Utah’s elite titled “Report: Utah’s Oligarchs – Fighting to Maintain Their Political and Economic Control. Dr. Mortensen was recently nominated by President Trump to be the Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees,and Migration and is awaiting confirmation by the U. S. Senate.

KMV was launched in 2013 by local Utah citizens concerned with the Count My Vote (CMV) flawed initiative to eliminate the caucus system and the subsequent Senate Bill 54 passed at the state legislature. The matter is now before the Supreme Court and is expected to be declared unconstitutional. The SCOTUS Amicus Briefs can all be read here on KMV’s website. Both Wallace and USN have made a significant and positive difference in that effort. (See REPORT: Count My Vote (SB54) – The Story So Far)

What began as a response to a growing public awareness by Utah’s ultra-rich to maintain their stranglehold on Utah’s citizens has turned into a full scale push-back. Up until recent years, there was little opposition to the power of the deep state. Now, they couldn’t even get their initiative on the ballot last November despite spending millions and lying in their attempt to get citizens to sign their failed initiative. KMV is now the largest gathering of conservative and constitutional policy activists in Utah’s history.

Over the past year, with little organized effort, thousands of Utah citizens simultaneously felt compelled to stand up and do what they could individually do to protect their own freedoms and the right to control their own destiny. It has been noted that UtahStandardNews.com played a substantial role by shedding light on the KMV/CMV struggle and in bringing people together by researching, documenting and publishing the internal UTGOP events that led to the birth of KMV as well as the corruption that exists in Utah politics and CMV.

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