Report: What’s the GOP Bylaw Ruckus About? Propaganda vs Truth

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Report: What’s the Ruckus about GOP Bylaw Change? Propaganda vs Truth

News/Opinion Compiled & Written by Ed Wallace / March 2, 2018

NOTE: Thanks to Don Guymon, Brandon Beckham, Fred Cox, and others who contributed to this article. You know who you are.

True Conservatives, the base of the Republican party, took a giant leap last Saturday, in protecting and restoring the values and standards that the party was built upon. Sadly, but expectedly, that has caused an already deep division to intensify as opposing entities continue to battle for the soul of the Utah GOP. Conservatives are happy that they have made strides in removing RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) from being able to take over the party. The anti-Republicans, those claiming to be Conservatives, apparently have no understand what a Republic is or how it works, and are mad that the caucus system is working and that Grassroots Republicans are winning in Utah.

The UTGOP State Central Committee did a lot to strengthen the foundations of the party with the objective of ending the ‘Civil War”  and get back to doing what the party is supposed to do. It was a difficult meeting because some difficult issues had to be addressed. Many people, including elected officials, just don’t understand what’s at stake in this battle. Much of the media don’t understand it either, or, are prone to attack Utah values by siding with the factions that seek to destroy our Republic in return for protecting their bottom line.

We pledge allegiance to a republic guaranteed in article 4, section 4, of the Constitution. We want liberty over tyranny. We want a republic over a democracy. But, democracy has given us mob rule and a socialist nation. Count my vote wants more and gives more mob rule. The mob is claiming that the Republican party destroyed itself last Saturday. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, it saved itself.

The Actual Bylaw Change

Don Guymon….”Within accordance with Party Rules, the SCC members met on February 24 to modify an existing by-law that has been under discussion since 2013 to apply a penalty for candidates who willingly choose to violate the party by-laws. Since 2015, candidates have been required to certify they will not violate the party rules, but the bylaw lacked penalty and enforcement language if they violated the rules. Under the new bylaw language, a candidate who willingly files to run, using a method contrary to Republican Party rules, temporarily forfeits membership in the Party, for the duration of the election cycle.

These changes were made in consultation with legal counsel and in compliance with U.S. Supreme Court precedent and Utah Code Section 20A-8-401-(2a). This Court precedent was confirmed in the Party’s recent constitutional challenge to election law changes which the Utah Legislature passed in 2014, known as SB54.  However, it is SB 54 that is unconstitutional and is the subject of the current lawsuit.

This by-law change does not affect any candidate already filed to run and will only effect candidates in U.S. House Districts 1 and 2 for the 2018 Election cycle if the executive committee chooses to enforce the by-law.  As of the amendment’s date of passage, no candidates in these districts have filed an intent with the Utah Elections office seeking the nomination outside of the Party’s procedures.”

Analysis of the Bylaw Change

The Utah GOP SCC wrote the change in such a way that nearly all of the 2018 candidates would not be affected. Right now, the UTGOP’s  Constitution and Bylaws do not allow for signature gathering. The Leavitts, Brambles and the Doug Wright’s have not been able or had the courage to try to change the Party’s governing documents. All the SCC has done is to finally stand up and enforce what is already on the books and has not been changed by 4000 state delegates.

State statute authorizes political parties to challenge the candidacy of any candidate who violates party rules. Additionally, Justice Scalia in the U.S. Supreme Court decision on California Democratic Party vs. Jones stated: “In no area is the political association’s right to exclude more important than in its candidate-selection process. That process often determines the party’s positions on significant public policy issues, and it is the nominee who is the party’s ambassador charged with winning the general electorate over to its views. The First Amendment reserves a special place, and accords a special protection, for that process…because the moment of choosing the party’s nominee is the crucial juncture at which the appeal to common principles may be translated into concerted action, and hence to political power”

The QPP (Qualified Political Party) status, implemented in SB54 under the direction of Curt Bramble, is a status that requires political parties to do everything the State legislature requires in order to be eligible to have a Caucus-Convention System. SB54 inserts the state into the political process and controls that process, just like a tyrannical dictatorship would. SB54 is unconstitutional and robs Utah’s political Parties of their right to freely associate. The penalty for losing QPP status is so severe it completely ties the hands of the Party from running their own organization or challenging an unconstitutional law. It’s no big surprise that SB54/QPP makes it far more difficult to unseat current members of the State legislature.

The Republican Party is the brand that is trusted by the vast majority of the state of Utah. Those people look to that brand for candidates who will be able to strongly support the principles declared in the party platform. For an outside force to dictate how this private organization conducts its business of selecting strong principled candidates is wrong and against the wishes and intentions of our Founders and the Republic they produced.

CMV is a way to perpetrate a fraud upon the public at large. SB54 was a compromise in an attempt to minimize that deception. However, it is deceptive in the exact same way.

Brandon Beckham, Keep My Voice (KMV) director stated: “This all goes back to Count My Vote and Curt Bramble making a deal to pass SB54. The law has serious Constitutional issues and they knew it. Legislative counsel warned them but they did it anyway. We wouldn’t be in this mess if people would uphold the Constitution and honor their oath of office.”

Fred C Cox, past legislator, and candidate, “The state party has required, in the past, for candidates to state if they agree with the party platform, etc. and if they didn’t, what they didn’t agree with. Some counties have had that as well. What passed has extended that to races not just multi-county, with some teeth, to those that don’t follow our C&B for elections, with that going into effect for the 2018 election for just the US House District 1 and 2 races, where no GOP member has filed using signatures at this point.”

The bylaw was passed with the counsel of the lawyers who have been dealing with the lawsuit for the past four years and is not as strict as the one passed by the Weber County GOP. It was done in such a way as to protect all candidates.

That doesn’t seem at all unreasonable. People create parties to come together in ideas and principles, hence, the party platform. If a candidate is going to run as a member of a given party but not support the platform, the people ought to know it before that candidate is elected.

Every law that has ever been, has had the full force behind it of local, state, and federal law enforcement. Every law is legal and Constitutional, right up until the point where a judge says it’s not. That is why we challenge laws in court. That is precisely why the UTGOP is challenging SB54.

The Spin Cycle – Media Reaction to the Bylaw Change

The Utah mainstream media’s reaction was swift and not balanced. The most blatant bias and propaganda came from Utah Policy, an online platform published by LaVarr Webb. In 2011, Webb’s “Exoro Group”, a public policy and strategic communications firm, initiated a ballot proposition called“Count my Vote” which became the catalyst for SB54. The group brokered a compromise with Utah legislators by claiming to have gathered enough signatures to get the initiative on the ballot, but never actually produced the signatures for the lawmakers to see. Since then,  Count My Vote and Alliance for Good Government has spent $1,848,291.95. About 73% of that, $1,345,493.43, that has gone directly back into the Exoro Group for their “public policy and strategic communications” services.

All Utah media covered this story to some degree and with varying degrees of bias against the bylaw change. KUTV2 was perhaps the fairest with their story “Governor ‘dismayed’ activists defends, lawmakers ‘fix’ on controversial GOP rule change.” The following are examples and summaries of the most skewed articles from Utah Policy and other Utah media outlets.

The most recent post from Utah Policy was titled”Legislative Republicans running out of time to fix Utah GOP bylaw change, and Democrats could benefit.” There is so much spin in that headline that it should win some type of award. The article begins with “GOP lawmakers are struggling to come to a consensus on how to deal with a controversial and probably illegal bylaw passed by a small group of right-wing zealots on the GOP State Central Committee on Saturday.” That opening paragraph should also get an award. Utah Policy is seen by most as the propaganda and support arm for “the Empire”, the politicians and business leaders who control Utah. USN columnist Ronald Mortensen laid out who they are in this article:  WHO CONTROLS UTAH? An Investigative Report on the Elite

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what is not true. The other is to refuse to accept what is true.” ~Soren Kierkegaard

Utah Policy: Chaos in the Utah GOP! Hardliners adopt rule change that would kick signature-gathering candidates out of the party – Utah Policy called the internal workings of the UTGOP “screwed up” BEFORE the bylaw change. They wrote about the SCC firing of Stewart Peay, who was never hired to begin with by the SCC, but was appointed by Anderson, against party rules. Anderson said that he is now forced to take legal advice “from people I admire and trust” but they “won’t get paid because the SCC told him he couldn’t hire his attorney of choice.” Anderson talked about a small group of “50 or so right-wingers” that are out to get him, and declared “I will not resign”, even though he was caught in a bold-faced lie in the Executive Committee meeting and asked to resign several times. And, in a stunning break from reality, Anderson said “But really, I’m the only person standing now between the collapse of the Utah Republican Party” if the right wing group gains control of the state office “And that’s the truth.” The SCC IS the body in control of the state office. Anderson then lied to Utah Policy and said, this election year “if you collect signatures” as a way to get on the primary ballot, “they (the right-wingers) will expel you” from the party. Utah Policy did not substantiate Anderson’s claim but made a retraction the next day with this statement “A previous version of this article said Mitt Romney would be kicked out of the party because of the bylaw change. The Utah GOP State Central Committee wrote the change in such a way that nearly all of the 2018 candidates would not be affected. We regret the error.” UP should read their own article because Romney was never mentioned. Anderson also feigned concern about the March 20 caucus and complained that he didn’t have any help. The simple fact is that Anderson has done everything he can to insure that the caucus would be ineffectual. The caucus had to be organized by rank-and-file SCC members because Anderson was ignoring it in a clear dereliction of the Chair’s duty.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” ~Adolf Hitler

KSL: Surprise GOP bylaw change targets candidates who gather signatures  – KSL starts with “A small group of far-right Republicans staged a coup of sorts over the weekend, changing Utah GOP bylaws in a way that could jeopardize the party’s ability to place candidates on the election ballot.” There was no mention of the far-left, RINO wing of the party that created a state law, SB54 (Count My Vote), and that did “jeopardize the party’s ability to place candidates on the election ballot.” That law led to a lifelong Democrat being elected as a Republican instead of the duly nominated Chris Herrod who went through the traditional caucus-convention system. KSL then mislead about the effect of the bylaw change and stated: “The Republican State Central Committee voted to kick out candidates in two congressional districts who choose to collect signatures to get on the 2018 primary election ballot.” There are no candidates in those districts. KSL did not include any statement from any of the 80 or so SCC members but did print Anderson’s statement of “I’m the adult in the room here”. KSL also conducted a poll: “Do you think Utah’s GOP should be allowed to change bylaws during small weekend meetings?” Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, acting Senate Majority Leader Kevin Van Tassell, R-Vernal, and Sen. Curt Bramble, R-Provo, the Godfather of Count My Vote, all defended and referred to the[unconstitutional] law, SB54, and Bramble accused the party of violating that commitment, which they never committed to, and are currently battling against in District Court.

“People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed. ” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Deseret News: GOP lawmakers plan to take action on party bylaw change. This “story” features CMV kingpins Sen. Curt “Mr. Don’t You Know Who I Am?” Bramble, R-Provo,  and Rep. Mike McKell, R-Spanish Fork. McKell is actually “trying to slap SCC members who voted for the new bylaw with misdemeanors.” One SCC member stated, “In essence, McKell is considering making it illegal to change our own bylaws”. (And people call freedom loving Patriots extreme?) The article also features Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, in a supporting role. No SCC members or UTGOP officers were included or mentioned. Basically, this article shores up the unConstitutional proposition that everything needs to be under the control of the government, and, the world is going to fall apart if not. This is exactly the type of overreach that our founding documents prevent and that our legislatures ignore.

“Your eyes are useless, when your mind is blind.” ~Unknown

Reaction: Truth, Spin & Lies – The UTGOP Internal Battle Rages On

Grab some popcorn.

The reaction to the bylaw changes have been all over the place. The pundits has pondered and pronounced. The media has marched mostly in lockstep. The radio talk-show host has cried. As crazy as it sounds, some have wept at the defense of freedom and liberty. Others have wept that freedom and liberty were successfully defended. A sitting member of the Utah House of Representatives has reportedly been trying to slap SCC members who voted for the new bylaw with misdemeanors for changing their own bylaws. A solid majority of SCC members are proud. But, some are now embarrassed to be a member of the UTGOP State Central Committee (SCC).

Let’s begin by putting this in perspective.

Joe Levi, on his “Restoring our Republic” FaceBook page, makes this issue clear. He states: “ Should the state of Utah force the Utah Republican Party to allow a democrat senator from Vermont who “identifies as a Republican” to have a signature path to become the nominee of the Utah Republican Party?  Should the State of Utah force the LDS church to allow an atheist woman who “identifies as a Mormon Man” to have a signature path to become Bishop?”

Here in the desert, Utah has a swamp. Many don’t see it because maybe they’re part of it to one degree or another. Many others are bathing in it.

Qualified Political Party status, implemented by Senator Curt Bramble, is a status given to a Party without which the Party is ineligible to have a nominating Convention. The QPP is a bully stick used to beat political parties into doing the State’s bidding. This writer applauds the brave members of the SCC that stood up last Saturday and said “No More! They were simply asserting their rights as a private entity to control their membership”

Others, however, see things a little differently. Vint DeGraw, from Monticello, stated “I am embarrassed to be a member of the Utah Republican Party.  It once tried to accomplish great things. Now bylaw shenanigans are used to push through minority opinions when a majority of the body cannot be present. Today’s outcomes were shameful. If I could take my county party to a different conservative organization I would. I don’t know. Honestly, do not know if the party can recover from today’s actions.”

Others echoed DeGraw’s words. Corby Baldwin stated “Please fix the bylaw change you called for this past Saturday. It is endangering the candidacy of Republicans statewide and we hold you personally responsible if we don’t have Republicans on the ballot.” Another: “How dare you endanger our vote!”

St. George Mayor Jon Pike said “Ridiculous move by some extremists on the state central committee.”

Larry Meyers, a candidate for U.S. Senate, stated “The people who did this are county chairs and others who were elected at their county conventions across the state last year. And there is nothing extreme about going back to a republican system that worked great for decades until a few wealthy elites decided they could do better in a system that favors money.”

Jimi Kestin, Washington County Republican Party Chairman, said “We are losing the public relations battle and the average Republican voter is tuning out our message and are ready to surrender the best system for candidate selection and accountability in government. My personal belief is that this approach to the goal of preserving the Caucus system, that I have been fighting for more than a decade to see done, puts way too much faith in a Court system that has routinely ruled in unconstitutional ways all the up to and including the Supreme Court. If, while we are fighting in Court to get our candidates on the ballot with the “R” next to their name, which if the LT. Gov. rules according to current State law will take a court to get it done, we hand the Count My vote abomination the momentum it needs to dupe voters into passing it. And I have no confidence that any Court in our current broken judicial system will rule to overturn a nomination method that most of the Country is using and is responsible for the judges who will be making the decision. This is not an opinion based on different goals, it is a strategic disagreement based on a pragmatic understanding of the actual fight we are in. Being “right” on the issue is not enough to win the day. Navigating a system that is designed to allow people who do not share our view of the Constitution to succeed takes more than being right. It means being smart and working within the system to fix it.”

Dale Kay responded: “Where was the outrage by you and others claiming that the rogue leadership of the UTGOP were “misguided” or using “parliamentarian tricks” to push things through? This battle has been raging internally in the UTGOP for years from when Leavitt first received fewer votes to Richard Eyer in the convention and then was booed at the next convention along with Hatch and sent for another primary. The boiling point came when Bob Bennett got voted out. The whole time UTGOP leadership was ignoring Governing party rules, making up parliamentary decisions and most of the delegates didn’t have a clue because they hadn’t taken the time to read the C & B or studied RONR to know that the leadership was counting on that and as sheep they were being misled by party leadership. Now, we have an SCC that is knowledgeable about party rules and parliamentary law and are standing against the rogue leadership and they are deemed misguided, I fully disagree!”

Kestin wrote back: “I pray you are right and share the goal to see the Caucus system not only preserved but restored to its proper role in candidate selection and maintaining accountability from our elected officials to the delegates. My concerns have been about the process to get there, and not being a lawyer, and seeing opinions from both sides of what our prospects are in the Courts, I am sure you can understand the hesitancy to trust something this important to me to a court system that found a way to declare Obamacare constitutional. The times we are participating in are certainly not boring, my hope is we find a path that saves our Caucus system and at the same time finds some common ground and stops the infighting within the Party that is not helpful in winning hearts and minds of the voters we will need come Nov. to win the fight between Keep My Voice and CMV.

Dave Bateman added this comment “The Courts already ruled that it’s unconstitutional for SB54 to force Republicans to allow non-Republican voters to vote in their primaries. If the Courts won’t allow the State to force the Party to allow non-Members to vote, how can they force the Party to allow non-Members onto the Party’s primary ballot? I have no doubt the State will lose this fight, and they know it. That’s why they are all losing their minds right now over the recent bylaw change

There’s no doubt about the distrust and deteriorating relationship. Constructive communication is also lacking and many members are not living up to their duties and not attending meetings. Many have complained about the  “stubborn few”, the“Radical”, “Extremist”, “Right winger” and “small minority”. Let’s put these comments through the fact-checker, shall we?

There was adequate attendance as per the rules. A minimum quorum of 40 members was present. There were 82 in attendance. There are approx 180 members of the SCC with average attendance of about 110, meaning most make just under 3 of 4 meetings a year. The chair reportedly had warned people to stay home because of weather. One SCC member drove from Cedar City and reported that the weather was fine.

There are 110 concerned members on the SCC,  a clear majority, out of around 180. The majority is described as a “small minority” and are met with the idea that a small group wants to control the party. They are called names like “right-wing zealots” by the media and “Radical Extremist” by their fellow SCC members, many of whom don’t even show up. This is a typical Saul Alinsky tactic to accuse others of doing what you are doing. They should not be judged for what they did. The meeting was admittedly properly called, whether convenient or not. Some members chose not to be there for whatever their reasoning was. That was their choice and not the choice of the “stubborn few.” They are equally accountable for the outcome as are those that did attend.

One SCC member stated “Whether in agreement or disagreement with the outcome, it is blatantly unfair, unjust and a breach of etiquette to condemn us for being successful when others failed to participate. We are the SCC when a quorum is present. Is there no SCC when one member is absent? Of course not. At what point do we assert their illegitimacy? I suspect for some it is at the point where they express in a majority their will when others chose to be absent. When has the whole SCC ever gotten to the meeting.”

Since SB54 became law four years ago, there have been FOUR state conventions. During that time no one ever brought forth an amendment to change the Constitution. The adopted bylaw follows the advice by the District Judge to set the membership of the UTGOP.

The suggestion that the party loses ballot access is misleading since the party’s candidates will continue to receive ballot access. What will be missing is a label next to the candidates’ names indicating their affiliation. The bylaw change will prohibit candidates from “stealing the brand” and trying to run with the benefit of the party platform but have no intention of abiding by it.

Brady Jugler, who wrote the bylaw change said “We are simply asserting our rights as a private entity to control our membership. It’s not really fair to say we’re attempting to limit the path because voters are able to participate through the caucus system and through their delegates to a greater degree than they can as individuals in an open primary.”

Clair Ellis, from Logan, stated “The argument that a few delegates choose who gets on the ballot is hollow when you consider how easy it already is to get on the ballot without any political party. It only takes 1,000 signatures for the governor or US Senate. And it’s only 300 signatures to be on the ballot for the U.S. House or the Utah Legislature. Voters need to know that the debate over “Count My Vote” is not about allowing a candidate to be on the ballot, which isn’t hard, but about a candidate getting a political party brand by their name, rather than running on their own without a party’s brand.”

Utah Standard News believes that SB54 is unConstitutional and robs Utah’s political Parties of their right to freely associate. It is not the state’s place to decide who gets the R, D or C in their run for office. There is a document entitled the “Republican Party Platform” that the party holds the candidates too. If they don’t emulate it and adhere to that, then the party has the right to make them go outside the party. The state has no right telling the party how it has to run its business. The fact that it is done here in Utah, where the majority of residents believe in the right to “free agency” as a primary component of life, freedom and liberty, is an abomination and bastardization of Utah standards, the Constitution and the Republic for which our leaders claim to stand for.

The simple fact is that the leaders of the Utah Republican Party are responsible for CMV and are now crying to end the suit, knowing that they could very well lose. The Media, CMV and SB54 folks have used the party debt as a club to beat up the party and force them to do their will for years. Very powerful people don’t like it when the Grassroots organize and take care of business and will stoop to any method of thwarting the effort. If the Republican Party has to go down in order for “The Empire” to maintain control, then so be it. There are casualties in every war.

The amended bylaws are still under normal and required legal review prior to being submitted to the State and are not yet the official bylaws of the Utah Republican Party. LG Cox has already been threatened with lawsuits by GOP enemies. There is no trigger in the law for status to be lost.

One party leader stated “I would recommend an injunction from the Courts if the LG took such a step. SB54 is now clearly trampling the rights of the Party. I hope the LG tries to revoke QPP status. SB54 will quickly be ruled unconstitutional in the Courts.”

If we want the Republican Party to be free and clear of lobbyists that do not have Liberty as their goal but instead want to control our liberty, then it’s critical to understand the true nature of the swamp in the desert.

Russian, who fled their homeland decades ago, and who now are citizens, have observed that our nation is more bureaucratic than the USSR ever was. They say that was the flagship identifier of the communist government.

Our government is currently in session. There is a simple solution in place. Brandon Beckham, the director of Keep My Voice stated “The answer is simple: the legislature that passed SB54 that made this mess and caused this chaos needs to act and repeal the law! They can fix it all right now, this session.”

The session ends Thursday, March 8 at midnight. March 5 is the last regular day for standing committees. It looks like there could be some action not to fix it, but to make it worse. God Bless Utah. God Bless America.

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Statement from Utah Republican Party

Constitutional Defense Committee

Republican leaders clarify misleading, confusing and false media reports

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 – Salt Lake City, UT. Don Guymon, spokesperson for the Utah Republican Party Constitutional Defense Committee (“CDC”), released the following statement to correct false information as reported in the news regarding the purpose and outcome of the Saturday, February 24, 2018 meeting of its governing body, the State Central Committee (“SCC”):

The CDC strongly rejects the false media narrative regarding this special meeting, that a small group of “far right” extremists are holding the Republican Party hostage, and that their actions violate state law and are unconstitutional.  This is a worn-out accusation that has been used for decades, even against President Ronald Reagan.

These false statements originate from well-funded Washington DC lobbyists, media consultants and establishment party operatives that seek to destroy a republican form of government which the U.S. Constitution guarantees.  They seek this goal by buying elections through direct primaries, which remove common citizens from the early nomination process.  They prefer a “vote by media and money” instead of by the grassroots – the people – and their duly elected delegate representatives.  They stand to lose millions of dollars if they do not succeed.  This is the source of Washington DC and state corruption.

We stand in support of the “Freedom of Association Initiative” (KMV – Keep My Voice) and invite Utah citizens, regardless of party affiliation, to sign the petition to place it on the ballot (  The 51 Republican leaders in the State Central Committee (“SCC”) targeted in media reports support this initiative to protect every citizen’s First Amendment right to freely assemble without government interference.

We reject the media’s false accusation that the SCC “hastily” called this special meeting and that they are a “few” controlling the Party.  A member of Congress on average represents 700,000 people.  A delegate elected to represent a precinct represents approximately 300 people.  This is representative governance, closest to the people.

The SCC meets regularly as needed, and sometimes monthly, to organize and prepare for caucuses and elections.  Its members, who were elected by county delegates to support the caucus-convention system, recently called a well-organized meeting to address questions to ensure a successful caucus, scheduled for Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

We wish to correct  the media’s false characterization that these Republican leaders were acting recklessly, in violation of state law and Party rules.  Since 2015 candidates have been required to certify they will not violate the party rules, but the bylaw lacked penalty and enforcement language if they violated the rules.

According to Party Rules, the SCC members met to modify an existing by-law that has been under discussion since 2013 to apply a penalty for candidates who willingly choose to violate the party by-laws.

These changes were made in consultation with legal counsel and in compliance with U.S. Supreme Court precedent and Utah Code Section 20A-8-401-(2a) .   This Court precedent was confirmed in the Party’s recent constitutional challenge to election law changes which the Utah Legislature passed in 2014, known as SB54.  However, it is SB 54 that is unconstitutional and is the subject of the current lawsuit.

This by-law change will only effect candidates in U.S. House Districts 1 and 2 for the 2018 Election cycle if the executive committee chooses to enforce the by-law.  As of the amendment’s date of passage, no candidates in these districts have filed an intent with the Utah Elections office seeking the nomination outside of the Party’s procedures.

For more information, go to

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