Today’s Tales from the Crypt – Pruning the Bramble’s

Today’s Tales from the Crypt – Pruning the Bramble’s
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By Charles Magne & the Utah Yaks


The Energizer RINO Keeps on Dividing

Instead of looking for ways to defuse the acrimony between himself and the State Central Committee, Chair Rob Anderson seems to have a bottomless reservoir of tactics designed to only make things worse as he continues his quest to destroy the Republican party. Most intellectually honest people know how to talk to others. Anderson reminds me of that creature in the Hobbit series, Gollum…. always conniving and dreaming of ways to find the ring and increase his power, while fostering hate and distrust as he provides a steady stream of evidence of being slimy and sneaky by the many who try to work with him.

Even after the party is financially solvent, Anderson is talking about bankruptcy, restructuring, new C&B’s, and trying to get the RNC to go along with it. The idea of replacing the C&B may just send some over the edge and that would be the end of Anderson.

Anderson has not presented a line-by-line budget in over a year. In addition to Anderson’s emails, tens of thousands of emails have been sent from a different, unofficial URL address owned by Daryl Acumen and are causing confusion and chaos that is setting up a ripe situation to then propose and adopt the new C&B’s at convention

186 years and only now that Anderson is Chair, the UTGOP has a problem. Maybe the problem isn’t C&Bs. The only way Rob Anderson could end the Utah GOP Civil War is by resigning. He has become far too toxic, corrupt and compromised to CMV to stay on under any reconciled peace proposal.

At the very least, Anderson should be speaking out about the ugliness, condemn it and privately tell his allies to knock it off. But he doesn’t. Instead, he is stoking the flames but wants to appear innocent to the public. He is being seen as not having the character to do the right thing. The very people completely unwilling or incapable of having a real conversation accuse others of that very thing! Alinsky would be proud.

Brandon Prunes the Brambles

htszrthIn In  case you haven’t heard…  Brandon Beckham won Precinct Chair in Curt “Mr. Don’t You Know Who I Am?” Bramble’s precinct. The loser in this lopsided battle was Bramble’s  wife, 51-24. In a wise move, Beckham stood next to Bramble as the votes were tallied. Reportedly, the Bramble’s were shell-shocked. This loss might rub off on Curt, who is increasing being seen in a very unfavorable light by his constituentants.

Caucus attendance in most precincts was 25-30% lower than in previous years. In one affluent St George precinct, only 32 (.056%) of  574 registered Republicans showed up and the RINO’s ruled the night. In another precinct, it was standing room only and Keep My Voice gained more traction. Overall, it has been reported that a lot of the established went down throughout the state and KMV is gaining in popularity.

The Only Thing Worse Than Activist Legislators is Activist Judges.

Freedom took a hit yesterday as the Denver Court finally reached their verdict in the SB54 Count My Vote battle. In a 2-1 decision, the verdict came down for SB54.

The decision is being applauded by the Count My Vote crowd as justifying their efforts to kill our voice. They are saying that SB54 is now irrefutable law. However, the decision opens the door to a full-Court appeal or advancing the issue to the Supreme Court.

One line from the ruling says “States must have flexibility to enact reasonable, common-sense regulations designed to provide order and legitimacy to the electoral process….the case is not “about who the candidates are, but rather who the deciders are. SB54 was not designed to change the substantive candidates who emerged from the parties, but rather only to ensure that all the party members have some voice in deciding who their party’s representative will be in the general election.””

The dissenting opinion states: “Senate Bill 54 attempts to change the substance of the Utah Republican Party under the guise of the state’s authority to regulate electoral procedure. …Utah had the “intended outcome” of “changing the Party’s message” and “favoring nominees with ‘moderate’ positions.” There is “no heavier burden on a political party’s associational freedom.

The background of this case should caution us as to the perils of allowing states to impose procedural changes of this magnitude on unwilling political parties. After the Utah Republican Party repeatedly rebuffed requests to change its nomination procedures, the unsuccessful reformers simply went to the state legislature and changed the Party’s procedures by force of law. Allowing this collateral attack on party rules to be a run-of-the-mill part of the political process invites leaders “to enlist and rely on state law as the primary vehicle for party governance, largely relieving these leaders of any need to secure the support or acquiescence of party members to a chosen course.

This just goes to show that if someone puts their faith in a decision based on the Constitution to come out of a liberal court, they are always going to be disappointed.

Following the decision, Don Guymon released the following statement form the UTGOP’s  Constitutional Defense Committee on the ruling from 10th circuit on SB 54

“We are reviewing the opinion issued today from the 10th circuit.  After a thorough review we will decide our next course of action.  We still have several avenues available to the party including a review by the entire 10th  Circuit or going to the Supreme Court. Other options include repealing SB 54 by the Utah legislature and the Keep My Voice Initiative.  We encourage all Republicans who want to preserve their first amendment rights to sign the Keep My Voice initiative at tonight’s caucus meetings. We will review an additional statement after a further review of the split decision.”

I have an idea. Why not just repeal SB54. The Utah House did that 2 weeks ago. But the Senate…. Well, why would they vote down a law that they put in place in keep them in their place in the first place? Elections have consequences and one is coming up. Hint.

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