UPDATE Part 2 : Caucus, Delegate & Voter Tampering. New info. Evidence. YAK info.

UPDATE Part 2 : Caucus, Delegate & Voter Tampering. New info. Evidence. YAK info.
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UPDATE Part 2 : Caucus, Delegate & Voter Tampering. New info. Evidence. YAK info.

By Ed Wallace / June 15, 2017, Publisher at Utah Standard News

To begin, I AM THE AUTHOR of this commentary. I did not make any contribution to the previous. I did confirm the evidence and I published after doing that. I did my due diligence.

Click here for first article by The Utah Yaks: Caucus Obstruction, Delegate Tampering & Voter Fraud in Utah County

Click here for: FINAL UPDATE Caucus, Delegate & Voter Tampering. INCLUDING EVIDENCE.

That is more then can be said about the people who have made threats of lawsuits, intense bullying and personal attacks on me and the Utah Yaks by various supporters of the people mentioned in the first article. To them, the issue has not been to substantiate or challenge any of the information presented. It has focused on discrediting the authors, and myself. Those few have barraged social media with distractions and claims of ‘It can’t be true, or trusted, because the author is anonymous’ OR ‘it must have come from someone’s CD3’s campaign’. If providing a name will give credibility in their minds, I’ll give them one… Walter the Penniless .

Both Margaret Dayton’s and Chris Herrod have been mentioned as the probable offenders of spreading the vile truth. Let me be very clear about this: Neither one had anything to do with it, OR, any knowledge that it was being investigated. I have never met or talked with either one. In fact, no one involved with the first article has never held a public office OR even been a candidate for office. To me, this is evident by their honesty and desire to be responsible citizens. By spending their own time and money, with the only reward being the activities and facts exposed, this should be an example to all of us. KUDOS to them for caring enough. As to their anonymity: Isn’t it a shameful situation that private citizens, just like you and me, right here in Utah, USA, could be more afraid of their leaders than they are of ISIS?

In the following, I include candidate comments and comments from social media. Tomorrow, I will post a partial chain of evidence that backs up the first article. Partial, because voters have a due diligence and responsibility to inform themselves. The voter’s of Utah County have a unique opportunity to ‘drain their swamp’ by calling for investigations into the conduct of their party, their leaders and representatives. If they don’t, then they will get exactly what they deserve. I urge them to create a firestorm of activity including calls for the Utah GOP and Attorney General to investigate on the local and state level. The YAKKERS want, and are not afraid of the facts being exposed. Neither am I. It is rather obvious who does. (BTW, the Yaks have expanded in the past few days)

I include the state because it is obvious that there are holes in the system with no, or very little oversight or mechanisms in place, that would prevent incorrect and/or improper activities, or even corruption to take place. If Utah County voters don’t raise a ruckus about this, every established fire hose in the state will probably drown this issue out and the swamp will get bigger. It’s your voice and your vote. Do you want it to make a difference?

To clarify, I do not think that the Utah State GOP is corrupt and part of ANY improper activity. I believe that the leadership is honorable and genuinely wants to save the party. That’s not going to be easy. In addition to the near financial bankruptcy, and in FEC violation, the party is on the brink of being bankrupt in the process of elections and lack of oversight. And, it doesn’t matter if there even is a party if there is a real lack of conservative values, even though most leaders claim to be conservative. If the party keeps drifting away from the standards that made this state and country great, it will continue to lose influence among the voters, and just be an organization with no rudder or wind in it’s sails, in my opinion.

I requested a comment from all of the candidates to replace Jason Cheffetz, who announced that he was abandoning his post at the end of June. Keith Allan Kuder, Jr. was the only one to respond:

“This is just one case of possible corruption that has been uncovered. Who knows how many of our fellow Republicans have been coerced (bullied) out of their delegate seats by those in power or quietly removed by powerful leaders? As Utah Republicans, we spent most of 2016 bashing Hillary Clinton for her corruption and abuse of power. Are we going to let local Republicans be corrupt and abuse their power now in our own southern county backyard? I call for an investigation into Deidre Henderson and her campaign, Representative Mike McKell, Chairman Robert Craig, the precinct and district chairs.“

Thank you Keith. If you would like to see some interesting comments on the original article, the best place to find them are on a thread at the Utah Republicans – UnOfficial Group Facebook Page. Another source with substantial comment is Phill Wright’s Facebook Page

In Other Developments:

It is rumored that one of the principles named in the first article, who wishes to remain anonymous, threatened the ‘Great Utah GOP’ page to remove the story or be sued for libel.

One candidate, Debbie Aldrich, was uninvited to the eagle forum debate but she stayed and debated.

I received an email from John Mulholland this morning at 9:23. John has been aggressively defending the process and trying to discredit the first article. He stated in the email, “I saw an posting by some yaks, who refuse to identify themselves. I looked into the claims and found that they false and am writing my own article on Utah Politico Hub about it. Do you have any comment? Would you like to identify the Yaks?”

A little later, the following comments appeared on the Utah Republicans – UnOfficial Group Facebook Page.

Paul Cozzens Some of the article has been verified, like Deidre being talked into taking over for another delegate but when it was found that it was not done according to the by-laws and it was exposed Mckell got involved and did call her and they gave her delegate seat back. That is fact. The question is which puppet Master orchestrated this. The country party leadership Doe’s not have authority to replace a delegate only the precinct chair does.

John Mulholland Paul Cozzens, there are some facts in there but it is colored by your own biases.

John Mulholland Deidre was talked into replacing a delegate. – Are you sure? Did you talk to Deidre?
It was found that it wasn’t done by the bylaws- Was it? Everything I saw was just fine except it was a leg chair as the precinct chair couldn’t be reached. It was exposed – not really. Julie Blaney talked to the lady and suddenly there was an issue. Mike knows her so helped figure things out. Julie has asked that I not talk to the lady which means I don’t get to hear her story. Deidre didn’t even take her seat but she did give up her seat so the lady, who wasn’t going to attend the state convention could attend the special election. She had replaced a delegate who moved.
Paul Cozzens – so even your facts are very spotty.

John Mulholland Ed Wallace, here is an example of what you are looking for as far as your article not being accurate.

Ed Wallace My gosh… couldn’t be reached? Do they use smoke signals in Utah County? Do the bylaws state that the leg chair has that authority regardless? Was the precinct chair on an extended trip to Mars and in a deep sleep with a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign? Was this done in such a fashion that it had to be immediate?

John Mulholland Ed Wallace those sound like some great questions to get answers to before you post attacks. Even my kids know not to forward anonymous unverified rumors.

Ed Wallace John Mulholland The state party constitution does not allow district chairs to replace state delegates, especially after the deadline after. Deidre Henderson signed in at convention. She was credentialed. Maybe you should follow your own advice. I think your credibility might have taken a huge dive.

Trent Brown I happen to know for a fact that the Delegate that asked for a list of all delegates was in fact denied and told that as a Precinct Chair they were only entitled to their precinct because it happened to me. I still have the emails of my request and the response I got and if I need to post them I will to give that evidence that it really happened and give this story some more credibility.

Keri Witte I know of one incident mentioned in the article — I had a delegate contact me and say they had been removed, but they had never resigned, and can the party do that? This person said the same thing happened to their precinct chair. I told them absolutely not, the party can’t do that; the only provisions in the rules for replacing a delegate are upon resignation, moving, death, or if they go through the removal-for-cause procedure. None of these things applied to this delegate. I told the person to contact their LD chair and VC to see what’s up. Next thing I know, here’s this article. Interesting. I wonder how many other delegates fall into this category.

DeAnna Waddoups Hardy There is a lot of fraud going on I believe in all counties. My personal experience when I ran to be a state delegate was attributed to fraud by our County Republican Chairman. We had three individuals running from Bear River East Precinct, two from West Corinne and one from Harper Ward (I think that was the other one). We held a special election before the County Republican Convention. Somehow I was voted out the first round. The two individuals from West Corinne received both state delegate positions. When my husband came and asked who won, I told him both the West Corinne individuals. He knew it was not right…

My husband went to Scott Erickson who was then the Box Elder County Republican Chairman and asked to see the paper ballots, Scott Erickson refused. My husband went to talk to Ben Ferry, Member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Ferry approached Scott and told him that we needed to see the ballots. They were brought forth and I had been eliminated wrongfully. The gentleman who was counting the ballots only had six ballots to count so I believe he was in on trying to eliminate me because I have been pretty vocal in speaking out against the violations of our US Constitution and Utah Constitution.

I was one of those that voted out Senator Bennett and the powers that be did not like that we as a people did that so that is why I believe they changed from paper ballots to the electronic hand held voting machine that cost tons of money and denied the state delegates a secret ballot. I feel there was manipulation going on with that voting system.

I believe the fraud and corruption is happening all over this State and country. I know, one day, they will all be brought to justice because the Lord knows everything and you will not be able to lie, he knows the TRUTH!

Her are some comments from Social media. Lets start with my favorite one:

Leo Lines The Russians were behind this all the way.

Phill Wright What has been done by Utah state senator Curt Bramble, Utah State Senator Deirdre Henderson, the Lockhart’s and Utah County Chair, Rob Craig is unacceptable, unethical and illegal. I will not stand by and allow such things to take place without accountability!

Emily Peterson Douglas I assume you are aware that several of the allegations have been found to be true so I’m not seeing much of a conspiracy.

Todd Weiler I know you’re the messenger, Ed Wallace. At least one of the people you lied about called me tonight for legal advice on a libel lawsuit. Hope you’ve got good insurance!

Ed Wallace It came out when it was supposed to, when it was done. If you look at the records and history, there was a race to alter the facts. They lost. There are copies of everything.

Emily Peterson Douglas I assume you are aware that several of the allegations have been found to be true so I’m not seeing much of a conspiracy.

Casey Jackson It’s garbage like this that threatens the caucus system. I’ve been through this before, the last second desperate attack, the made up convention speech attacks, the fake mailers.

Paul Cozzens I don’t know Todd go to your screenshot library and find some evidence. You didn’t seem to have a problem trashing Blake back in the day with no evidence.

Julie Blaney I’m looking at the Specially credentialed list, multiple names appear twice. Did they get two voter pads? How did Hannah Lockhart register in Utah County when she lived in SLC?

Sean Nielsen Will all Yaks please come forward and take credit for this article, for your labor?

Sean Nielsen Paul, I don’t know the name of the person in the precinct who asked her. Clearly the proper procedure wasn’t followed, and there is a issue, but it did not come about from a conspiracy or evil plot.

Sean Nielsen Paul Cozzens, you know there was no letter of resignation. The precinct leadership did not follow the party rules when they contacted Deidre.

Paul Cozzens Looks like without this article we would never know of the shanaigans that took place.

Rebecca Bishop Strongo What is your issue with asking questions? You don’t want to get to the bottom of this? Is the objective to shut anyone up that asks about it? Make them sound like crazies? All we, the “crazy”people want is the truth. No one will give it..all they want to do is shut people up that ask questions. Go ahead and laugh, but some of us are doing our job, and that means asking hard questions, even if you don’t like them. I understand that you support Diedre, that’s great! For me this isn’t about her, it’s about corruption. If this is happening, it needs to stop.

Morgan Olsen Is it reasonable to expect all our delegates to stay at home 24/7 in case the county leadership attempts to visit and possibly disqualifies them if they arent home?

Douglas R Short So which part of the rule are you claiming applied you and did you pay the fees?

Dale Kay Same Olé Republican Party with the same Olé Dirty Politics. There has been a number of people removed from being delegates and replaced illegally for years that I’m aware of, Janalee Tobias is a example of Hatch and Leavitt using their power to remove a delegate.

Dale Kay Janalee Tobias , do you mean the year that I had the number of delegates that were voting at the convention by those running the ballot machine before everyone was registered, or how there were one extra ballot box in the room after the ballots were gathered than had left the room (it happened to be found next to the ballot counting machine) or how there were many people in a adjacent room next to the ballot room voting and we were told don’t worry about them, or how they had the High School students walking around with the ballot boxes to gather the ballots, or how there was ballots found on the floor of the convention when it was all over, or how Rob Bishop shut the convention floor microphone off when I went to the body of the convention to say what was going on and how they wouldn’t turn the microphone on. It turns out that the number of votes matched the number I was given before everyone was registered, amazing ! The the year Hatch was booed but came amazingly out of the convention without a primary, Leavitt wasn’t so lucky, but after going after the teachers union vote won the primary then general.

Janalee Tobias Ed Wallace…I hope you are seeing these comments. I’m sure Dale Kay and I would be willing to be interviewed about this. And if I can get hold of Daniel Newby…I’m trying to remember all the players involved. But yes…Dale Kay was very much in the middle of this one. The point is…delegates can be stacked. Not saying we should eliminate this process…just people need to be honest…and it appears it’s always the “good ‘ole boys” who want to keep their power are playing Chicgo style politics. And there’s one name that is behind all this corruption.

Douglas R Short It’s not that is the party, it’s just that people in the party do things they shouldn’t, or don’t do things they should. Often is just a lack of training, sometimes it is a mayer of playing favorites. That’s why the rules are so important. But the actual rules, not the rules people think exist but don’t.

Lisa Marie Rosborough Simons I don’t know why the whole article is being discredited when there are *actual* verifiable facts. Like Jeremy Roberts? Mine is the precinct he defrauded by pretending to still live in the boundaries and casting a county vote, even though he had vacated his Lehi home. It’s very easy to prove with just a little bit of Investigation. Discrediting the whole thing without checking into it on your own is just lazy.

Lisa Marie Rosborough Simons There’s clearly something to this. We see enough smoke over the years to know there’s a fire. All these individual circumstances by themselves may seem inconsequential; but seen as a whole, it points to some serious leaks in the system. I’m sorry to see liberal tactics at work here, in efforts to silence discussion and cover tracks. These allegations deserve attention and further investigation.

And more:

“I don’t even know how to dig out the rot of corruption in government.

This just burns my butt! I no longer live in Utah but it effectually abuses us all! Throw these scumbuckets in Prison for a few years to bring back some honesty to our voting system in the Country!!

The author chooses to remain anonymous just like the cowardly attack against Craig Frank right before convention.

Considering some of the ruthless tactics being used, it may not be cowardly at all.

Why are you sharing this anonymous hitjob if you’re not a yak?

I shared it, and I’m not a yak. I’m a guy with a full time job and a family who cares about what goes on in the party. Why can’t we ask how certain people got credentialed? What’s wrong with that?

The ‘Church of Satan’ is alive and well in Utah.”

Some sources with more screenshots to come:

2017 Convention Attendance – First Report

SCC ROSTER 2015-2017 and CONVENTION Attendance as Reported by credentials committee Official updated 5-25-17 LS

2017 Convention Attendance – Final Report

SCC ROSTER 2015-2017 and CONVENTION Attendance as Reported by credentials committee Official updated 5-25-17 LS

2017 Convention Specially Credentialed Delegates

SCC ROSTER 2015-2017 and CONVENTION Attendance as Reported by credentia

Utah State GOP Constitution & Bylaws


UCRP list that was submitted to the state party at the deadline. Revised 4/13/16


Constitution Of the Utah County Republican Party

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