Why I am voting for Donald Trump – drain the swamp

Why I am voting for Donald Trump – drain the swamp
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By Ronald Mortensen, 11/7/2016, Columnist for Utah Standard News

After serving the United States during a portion of six separate decades (military, diplomat, international humanitarian responses), I am very concerned that we are currently controlled by a corrupt political, business and media class that no longer cares about the United States or about future generations of Americans.

In order to gain power and privilege, these elites have driven the United States into record debt, entangled us in foreign adventures that drain our national treasure, have opened our borders and have literally killed the American dream for millions of Americans.

In spite of this, we are asked to continue to support this failed, corrupt political, business and media class which cares for nothing except its own narrow self-interest and to vote for its chosen candidates—Hillary Clinton or Evan McMullin.

These elites tell us that we must listen to their foreign policy experts who have led us into unwinnable wars, given rise to brutal terrorists and negotiated one-sided, unfavorable security and trade deals.

They tell us that we need to continue to follow their domestic policy gurus who have taken jobs away from millions of hard-working Americans, raided the Social Security trust fund, given us a $20 trillion dollar national debt, pushed the middle-class to the brink of disaster and taken all hope away from the poorest among us.

And they tell us that we have to support amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, 75% of whom are committing job-related felonies, while opening our borders to still millions more illegal entrants and a never ending flood of illegal drugs.

Well, it’s time to drain the putrid Washington swamp by taking power away from this corrupt political, business and media class by voting for Trump.  With all his imperfections, Trump is the only candidate who offers the possibility of breaking the power of these failed elites and putting a stop to the terrible damage that they are inflicting on the United States.

The fact that 50 long-time, Republican foreign policy experts disavowed Trump assures me that they will not be part of his administration and that he will not follow their corrupt, failed policies.  Rather, Trump will actually put America first as opposed to the globalism of the elites.

The fact that 27% of current federal government employees say they will leave government service if Trump wins shows that they believe Trump when he says he will take power away from the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. and give it back to the people.

The fact that the failed Republican political class refuses to endorse Trump and even created and supports a puppet candidate like Evan McMullin shows just how much these elites are threatened by Trump’s promises to upend the current system that so richly benefits them.  They would rather give the Presidency to Clinton than give up their power and privileges which come at the expense of the American middle and working classes.

When my friends say they are afraid of what Trump will do if he is elected, my response is, “What has the failed political, business and media class done in the past that has benefited you and what will they do in the future to make things better for you and for your children and grandchildren?”  In my opinion, the answer is “nothing.”

If Secretary Clinton is elected, the same political, business and media class will continue the Obama policies and install a culture of corruption the likes of which has never been seen.

If McMullin were to become president, the same disgraced, failed Republican political and business class would again take power and continue its work of destroying the American middle-class and centralizing power in the hands of fewer and fewer people in Washington D.C.

So, Trump offers the only ray of hope to get rid of the failed elites by draining the foul and stinking Washington D.C. swamp.

Am I certain that a Trump presidency will succeed?

No, I’m not.  But I do know that we cannot continue to do what we are doing and that Trump is the only candidate with a chance to break the power and corruption of the people who have gotten us into the mess that we are now in.  And that’s why I am voting for Donald Trump.

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