Public Outcry as Beloved Radio Host Kate Dalley Axed from Fox

Public Outcry as Beloved Radio Host Kate Dalley Axed from Fox
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By Ed Wallace / Editor-USN/ May 22, 2016 / 11:50 PMKate Dalley was axed (fired) from Canyon Media last week… out of the blue, with no warning. She had been on CM’s Fox Radio 1450AM for five years here in Saint George and had ten’s of thousands of listeners all over the U.S. She was one of the top shows, if not #1, in this market. She and her guests, many of whom were of note nationally, always spoke their mind and told their truth, unlike most of the other media. The quality and scope of her broadcasts were far beyond the local market she calls home.I remember the first time I heard Kate’s show. Some of my friends were raving about her, and despite my skepticism and reluctance to waste my time, I tuned her in. My first impression was that St George had our own day-time George Noory and Art Bell. I half expected to hear conspiracy theories about shape-shifters, shadow people or inter-dimensional time traveling reptilian-alien abductions.It took me two or three listens to realize that she is an important local treasure and a jewel in the desert who fearlessly brought attention to issues happening right here, right now. Far more than a conspiracy theorist, she opened my eyes and educated me by bringing clarity to the issues she addressed. She was an inspiration in my effort to create a news portal that published relevant information and hard news. We had hoped to do a ‘hard launch’ on her show and would have been honored to do so.

Some people just have to stand up and do what they can do and nobody stops them… until they do. Kate is one of those people. She is a fierce defender of liberty and never shied away from controversial issues. She is an opponent, like most Utahans, against Common Core and politics as usual. Her common sense opinions resonated with her audience. Her knowledge of the Constitution and of what works and what doesn’t work, as well as her unflinching support of what is right vs wrong, could not be denied.

Some speculate that this lethal arsenal of thought-provoking interviews and truth bombs led to her being fired. She was an outspoken critic of the Washington County School Board, the WashCo Commission, and local establishment politicians. Perhaps one, or more, of these entities brought more pressure onto Kent Frandsen (Owner) and Matt Burgoyne (GM) then they could bear. We will probably never know the real reasons for her dismissal.

In a statement to me earlier this evening, Kate said; ” I had a wonderful opportunity at Canyon Media while I was there. I was extremely shocked to find out I was fired during an election year – which are the highly successful years for talk radio. The show beat Hannity in the ratings, had a huge audience and many, many advertisers. People are being told by the station that we had “professional differences” when they had not ever stated any differences to me. They are also telling people that there are reasons they cannot disclose… I did nothing to deserve getting fired without any notice or warning. Nothing. I put my heart and soul and many, many hours into this show. I care about telling the truth and probably ruffled to many establishment feathers. I think of the audience as family and great friends. I hope I can continue on to tell the truth that as a community, we so desperately need right now. Canyon Media has told people who have called to protest this decision that they are finding a replacement for me. I just hope they will find someone who won’t cave to pressure and will tell the truth.”

I would be surprised if they Canyon Media found someone who would tell the truth. Why would they after witnessing what happened to Kate? A quote that comes to mind is ”The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie.” And from Buddha “Three things cannot be long hidden: The sun, the moon, and the truth.”

In Kate’s instance, “the sad truth is that excellence makes people nervous” – Shana Alexander. The truth will always be the truth… denying it doesn’t change the facts even if no one believes it. And, the worst thing about being lied to is knowing that you’re not respected enough, or worth, the truth.

Kate also posted on her Facebook page: “There were no “mysterious reasons” to let me go. I did nothing but put my heart and soul into this show sometimes working 14 and 15 hours a day with study and research. As they find my replacement, even though they told me the budget cuts were for cutting the live host- me- I hope they find someone that will continue to tell the truth. And won’t cave. The show was doing really well. Huge audience.”

That huge audience loved her and she loved them. In a Facebook statement May 20h, Kate said “All of your support has been AMAZING! Thank you so much for all your kind words. I will not be on the air today. Many of you have been asking. BUT, I WILL still be doing my show for The Blaze Radio Network every week. They messaged me last night and said I “will always be able to tell the truth on the Blaze”. How awesome is that? I was supposed to interview Lew Rockwell last night when all of this happened, and this morning he messaged me with the words ” you are a true heroine” which made me cry because I adore and respect Lew Rockwell so much. He is the founder of the Mises Institute.

I had booked Erin Elizabeth for the show today ( HealthNutNews) to talk about why so many holistic doctors are dying. I’m so sorry you will not be able to hear what she has to say. She’s a rockstar. Many, many thanks to all of my incredible co- hosts that made the show so fun to do. They deserve a standing ovation. They did an outstanding job. They were the “secret sauce” of the show. I’m incredibly saddened I will not be permitted to do the live show every day on the Fox News Affiliate KZNU but grateful for the opportunity while it lasted. We really need to shine a light on what’s going on right now in our state and in our country. It’s rampant and some of it is pretty diabolical. Thank you for all of your support. I really appreciate you. .”

Some of her weekly guests commented:

Mary Wilson Burkett, It’s been a privilege. Thank you for the opportunity!

Melissa Smith,  There’s no need to thank me…’s been a wonderful experience!!

David Brader,  (Uncle Milty) Kate, as you know my health issues for the last two years have been quite difficult for me. Thursday has been the day I was able to do a little something to help you do what you do. There were days and weeks that being there on Thursday with you is what gave me the energy and strength to keep fighting and get my health back. I told you many times that I believed you were called by God to do this work. I believe none of us will be surprised to learn that this door closing was only to make it possible for another door to open. Please call on me for anything you feel I can help with. You have changed my heart and my soul, Kate.

Thomas Dyches,  It has been a blast! (Dyches, a monthly guest on Kate’s show, posted a touching video on Facebook about Kate. In it, he states, ‘If she’s doing what’s right, and she really is preaching the truth, then, the Lord above has plans for her, for me, and for you.”

Dallas Hyland,  Kate said, “wrote a fantastic article”  (Ed – warning: the ‘S’ and ‘F’ bomb) “today about my show. I just want to thank him. He is a good friend of mine and his voice was important to the show. I had various guest host each week to bring a different voice to the show to combat mine and although we disagreed most of the time in the liberal/conservative debate, I appreciated him and his willingness to come on the show. This is a fantastic piece, Dallas. Thank you!”

She may be gone from our daily routine, but she is not gone. She continues to broardcast on Glenn Beck’s radio network, the Blaze, and her broadcasts can be heard on SoundCloud at

This evening, Kate published this message: “This 9 minute message of mine that The Blaze put out, really states what I’m about and what led me to where I’m at in politics. I mention the LDS church as well. Click and listen. I’d love to hear your thoughts.”

Kate’s listeners have been very vocal and supportive of her and her future. Here are some of their comments.

“St. George Metro will unfortunately no longer have a strong voice. Canyon Media has failed its listeners.”

“Kate’s show was one of the only truly compelling local radio shows of the past 20 years.”

“You are awesome and nothing can ever get you down. I wish more Americans had your courage, and your beauty and your determination, you are a blessing in our life Kate.”

“Which entity made this decision so I can let them know my friends and family will not only not listen to them but will refuse to use any of their advertisers as well?!”

“Maybe you shined too much light on our local cockroaches!”

“If you start to gain a following in Utah without the express “permission” of the corporate/legislative elite in this town, you will be silenced. That’s exactly what happened here. Thanks for being a light in a State that is lost in its corrupt darkness.”

“Sorry to say I am not surprised Kate. You have outlasted many others. I shook my head every day amazed that you were still on the air. I do think you set some kind of a record for outfoxing the powers that be. Thank you for all your work getting the information out. The rest of us must take what you gave us and run with it and run hard. .”

“You’re a voice of truth, reason, common sense, and patriotism that America desperately needs! God bless you!”

“Bad mistake! Kent Frandsen (Owner) and Matt Burgoyne (GM).”

“you have been an amazing contributor to the political and social conversation in our community. You have truly made a difference and it is unfortunate that Fox News 1450 AM is not as fearless and faithful as you are. .” Jimi Kestin

“We are in Oz. No Brain. No Heart. No Courage. And now… No Dorothy. Happy Napolitano status, Kate. You are in legendary company. Resistance = impact. Better to come. Carry on, and never give up. .”

“Well, Apparently you can’t Tell the Truth or Dance in St. George!”

“Almost everyone I’ve been talking to is planning to turn off KDXU radio for this decision, which is just one more assault on freedom of speech. It’s a sad day.”

“I thought we finally had a radio station with the guts to allow the voice of truth. I was listening yesterday for a good bit of your show and just was grateful you were on!! I knew the Blaze would pick up your show before it came to you because you just plain got that good!!!! I am happy to know you will still be able to raise your voice of enlightenment there. I have been listening to Glenn Beck since he first came on nationally. You are the two programs that I have found the most reliable and listenable for real truth and motivation!! You have only just begun, Kate! I join the many grateful people who love you and appreciate your willingness to follow the truth wherever it leads! .’

Update Interview with Kate.: Was Fox News Host Kate Dalley Fired for Telling Too Much Truth?

In case this gets scrubbed, here is a list of some of Kate’s guests, authors and books that were on The Kate Dalley Show.

Dr. Ben Carson  Soundcloud Interview  Book- “A More Perfect Union”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts “How America Was Lost” “How The Economy Was Lost” and more. Worked in Reagan Cabinet. Whistleblower- Website

Senator Rand Paul- Book- “Taking A Stand”

Senator Mike Lee- Book- “Our Lost Constitution”

Congressman Chris Stewart- Books

Sibel Edmonds “The Lone Gladio” Whistleblower- FBI Translator- Soundcloud Interview

Greg Carpenter “The NSA Guy”- Book- “Reverse Deception”

Alex Newman International Journalist  Book-   “Crimes of the Educator”  Paris Climate Summit Interview on Soundcloud

David Bernstein- Book- “Lawless- The Obama Administration” George Mason University Prof. Soundcloud Interview

Syrian Girl  News and Analysis from Syria Website Soundcloud Interview

Don Fotheringham – Kate’s Recommended Book of 2014/2015 Book- “The President Makers” Soundcloud

Julie Rowe- Author- NDE- Book- “A Greater Tomorrow”  Soundcloud Interview

Jon Rappoport – Award Winning Journalist- Major Media- Website Soundcloud Interview

Dr. Marc Sorenson – Vitamin D3 and Sunlight- Website

Bernie Suarez- New World Order- Website

Rob DuBois – – Former Navy Seal- Works for Dept Defense-Book – “Powerful Peace”

Craig Hulet- New World Order & Corporations Rule the World- Website

Saint John Hunt- Secrets of His Parents- Were Spies and JFK- Website

Thomas Butler- The Greatest Alternative to Obamacare-

Annie Jacobsen- Secrets of DARPA- “The Pentagons Brain”

Scientist Freeman Dyson- JASON Scientist- Princeton Website

Dawn Stephanowicz- Growing up with Gay Dads in Canada “Out from Under” Website

David Kupelian – “Snapping of the American Mind” and “The Marketing of Evil”

Lew Rockwell- Founder of the Von Mises Institute and 

Former Congressman Ron Paul Website

Dr. Duke Pesta- Common Core Expert and National Speaker- Website

Will Everett- Afganistan – Journalist- His years in war torn Countries.

Gwenyth Todd- Iran Whistleblower Article

Actor Corbin Berson Book- “Rust”

Abeer Seikaly   The Solar Woven Tent Invention to Solve Refugee Problem and for Preppers- Website

Dr. Gary Thompson- Doctor of Psychology on Common Core Dangers- National Expert –Website

Chris Williams- Former Bishop Lost is Family in Accident in SLC- Movie and Book- “Let it go”

Ben McClintock- Recurring Guest- Website- Whistleblowing Utah

Catherine Frompovich- Book- “Vaccination Voodoo”– What is in Vaccines

H.K. Edgarton- Black Relations and Blacks in the Civil War- Website

Geoffrey Gilson- Book “Maggie’s Hammer” – Arms Deals and MK6

Gianna Jessen- Survived an Abortion- Inspirational Speaker-Website

Anthony Patch- CERN- The Haldron Collider- Website

Author Richard Paul Evans-   “Mistletoe Inn” Soundcloud Interview

Rebecka Roth- 9/11 Truth- “Methodical Illusion” and “Methodical Delusion”  Soundcloud

Gerald Celente – Infamous Trends Forecaster New York- Website

Lily Tang Williams- Growing up in Communist China-Anti Common Core- Website

A.H. Trimble-  Prepper and FEMA Worker- “My Journal- Surviving the Collapse” Says No Fema Camps – Website

G. Edward Griffin- The Secrets of the Federal Reserve- “Creature of Jekyll Island”

Susan Lindauer- Secrets of the CIA- 9/11- What she Knew and Imprisoned by the Patriot Act –Website

John Moore- Planet X- Website

Charlotte Iserbyte- Worked for Reagan Dept Of Ed- National Expert on Common Core- Website

Jacob Cooper- “Alter of Influence” Local Author- Book Placed first Science Fiction- Website

Caleb Warnock- Self Sustaining- Farming, Medicine- How to live with no dependence Lives in Utah-Website

Ed Haslam- Secrets of Polio Vaccine- Tainted with diseased monkey kidney cell- CDC Coverup- “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”

Miko Peled- Isreali Activist  with a different take on Israel – Website

Bar McClellan-  “LGB killed JFK” Former Attorney – Worked for LBJ “Blood, Money & Power- Who Killed Kennedy” 

Micheal Snyder- Economic Collapse – Writer and Columnist- Website

Dave Hodges- Website, Author and Recurring Guest on Jade Helm, Russian Troops- Website

Glenn Tate- Book-  “299 Days” The Fictional Book Series about What Happens After Everything Falls

Don Brown- Book- “Extortion 17” The Cover-up of the Osama Bin Laden Kill Team and Their Helicopter “Accident” That Killed Them

Dr. Kevin Gutzman- Constitutional Expert and Historian- College Professor-Website

Jonathan Cahn- Book- “The Mystery of the Shemitah” 

Joshua Cook- Journalist for Ben Swann and Truth Activist- Website

Harry Cooper- What Really Happened to Hitler- Fascinating- Website

Robert Rand- Award Winning Journalist on OJ Murder Scandal and Menendez Murder Trial- Soundcloud Interview

Connor Boyack- “Feardom” Many books, Libertas Institute Website– Covers Utah for Issues and Legislation

Dr. Volandez- Harvard University- “The Conversation” about allocating care if incapacitated- Website

Harald Zieger- He Grew Up in Communist Germany before the Fall of the Wall-  “Freedom’s Nightmare”

Dr. Bradley Nelson-  Great Book on Trapped Emotions- “The Emotion Code”

Eric Peters- Author – Website- Cars and Politics- Recurring Guest-

Journalist Brandon Turbeville- Compelling Foreign Affairs Investigative Journalist- Middle East- Website

Dr. Sircus- Brazilian Doctor- recurring guest- on Magnesium, Baking Soda and Fukashima- Website

Scientist Ben Davidson- A different View on Climate Change- Discusses 400 year cycle- Destroys Global Warming- Website

Mark Steyn-  Guest Host For Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck,  Major Media Outlets- Website

Nick Adams- Australian Author-Book-“The American Boomerang” 

Sheriff Richard Mack on our rights and what a sheriff can legally do with the Feds- Website

Cal Thomas- Award Winning Popular Political Columnist- Website

Thomas DiLorenzo- Book- “Real Lincoln”

Joe Quirk- Seasteading- Communities built on the Ocean without US Laws- Website

Former Defense Minister of Canada- Paul Hellyer on UFO’s- And Money- Book-“The Money Mafia”

Robert Ekirch- Virginia Tech Professor- Sleep Study that will Surprise you – Soundcloud Interview

Artist Jon McNaughton on his Paintings of Christ and Obama-Website

Claudia Orgill- Prepping and HydroRedox- The Non-Toxic Cleaning Agent- Website

Author Eric Greitens – Former Navy Seal- Book- Resilience”

Joel Skousen- Cleon Skousens Nephew- Worked for the Government-Author and Website 

Chad Hymas- Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker, Paraplegic Author – Lives in Utah- Website

Dmitri Orlov – Russian Politics – What to fear and what not to fear- A different take on Russia – Website

Billy Best- The Subject of Headlines and Mass Media -As A 16 Year old Refused Chemo/ Alternative Sources for Health and Cancer- Website

Dr. Stephanie Seneff on Monsanto Link To Autism- MIT Scientist- Website 

Scottie Nell Hughes- Website– Conservative Author- Book- “Roar”

Karen Hudes- World Bank Whistleblower- Soundcloud Interview

Melissa Smith- A Nefarious Plan- From the point of view of Satan (minions) Steve Deace

Brian Kilmeade- George Washington Secret Six Spy Ring and Thomas Jefferson Tripoli Pirates- America’s First War

The ArmChair Survivalist- Kurt Wilson

Gary Magnesen, a retired FBI agent has resurrected the investigation and exposes the key figure in the conspiracy. In STOLEN JUSTICE

Cheryl CHumley – The Devil In DC and journalist –

Kris Paranto- 13 Hours in Benghazi


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