Utah is ‘buzzin’ about the GOP Convention Saturday. Johnson hurdles over Herbert.

Utah is ‘buzzin’ about the GOP Convention Saturday. Johnson hurdles over Herbert.

Utah is ‘buzzin’ about the GOP Convention Saturday. Johnson hurdles over Herbert.

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By Ed Wallace – 4/24/2016Social Media has exploded with thoughts and opinions about the outcome of Saturday’s GOP Convention in SLC. The convention produced some surprising results with some incumbents winning and others being ‘forced’ into primary. In other words, “ the majority of the delegates were more awake than 4 years ago” and “ actually starting to pay closer attention”.Delegates expressed their frustrations with incumbants Gary Herbert and Curt Bramble, who they felt have violated their principles and trust. Herbert will now face a primary against Jonathan Johnson, a successful business executive at Overstock.com and currently serving as chairman of the board. Bramble will go up against former state Rep. Chris Herrod and Timothy Spencer. The primaries will be held throughout Utah on June 28th.Senator Orrin Hatch caused some eyes to roll when he announced that he has not ruled out another run. If so, this will be the third time, including the first year he ran for office back in the last century, that Hatch has broken his promise that he would not run again (cue up the Rolling Stones ‘This will be the Last Time’).The following are an example of some of the comments about the convention and the results. Let’s start with Orrin Hatch:


KD – Hatch is one of the biggest reasons we have so much corruption in Washington. Every time he runs for office- it’s the “last time” so he can “make his mark”. 40 years of Hatch- he IS the “system” everyone loathes. Are we a more free people now than when he entered the Senate in the 1970’s? No. His record is deplorable. He and Senator Reid are in a tie for the most deplorable records.

MB – He has no shame

BH – Can we please not send this man back to Washington? Many Utahans seem to have this terrible assumption that because someone happens to share their same faith they are good moral people. Harry Reid claims to be Mormon too. Need I say more??

LM – Maybe he (really) is conservative and just fiscally responsible….I hear he has like a butt load cheap cowboy hats left over….

SA – As the former head of the judiciary commitee under the Clinton presidency, he approved many of these Judges we now have that are ruling against, and redefining the Constitution!! Thanks Orin! We the People really appreciate your Service!

CK – As he spoke today it was hard not to boo him. Later there was a joke from the chairman that the democrats should stand up. I blurted out. Stand up Orin.. Lots of laughs.

DW – He was part of the process working to destroy the convention system. He is hoping it will be gone by the time re-election comes around.

DB – Can’t these people just give us a rest? Was he totally oblivious to the fact that his reception at the Convention today was not heartwarming?

SG – I’m pretty sure I heard him say it was “his last rodeo…”

LS – He said that the year he ran for office. I won’t believe it till I see it.

LS – The only reason he got elected this time around was because Romney was running for president. The comments I heard over and over again at the caucus were, “I don’t like Hatch, but I will vote for him because I think he will be able to help Romney when Romney gets in.” They were deluded on both counts!

PS – I’ve met him face to face. He has no soul. It was sold a long time ago. Looking into his eyes was looking into a dark empty abyss.

MW – Senator Hatch is too important for him not to be elected again and again!

SG – Please tell me that is sarcasm.

MW – Yes!

MW – He’ll be elected even after he’s dead and shoveling coal into a big furnace….

Jonathan Johnson & Gary Herbert:

KH – My confidence in our political system took a hit today when a sitting Governor who has led the state out of the worst recession since the depression to be one of the leading state economies in the country is forced to a primary by a candidate who by all intents is a Libertarian. Not only was he forced to a primary but he doesn’t even secure the majority of delegate votes. IMHO the caucus/convention system today with the current lot of delegates does not promote public confidence for the mainstream citizen in Utah. My hope is the primary election that will now be held will more accurately reflect the republican base that UTAH is known for nationally instead of a far right convention majority of delegates. The next 9 weeks are going to interesting.

KG – I love it. The convention and delegates would’ve been great and spot on if your guy would’ve won, but of course it’s messed up and wrong when he doesn’t.

MS – Dang…missed the memo that Herbert was “entitled” to the party’s nomination and reelection as governor. Broken system

PW – Herbert lost to Jonathan Johnson because delegates have the opportunity to talk with candidates face to face, ask probing questions, get a sense of honesty and integrity based on the responses. All of which the general electorate does not do. If I simply read glossy mailers and heard media ads and took them at face value, I probably would think that Governor Herbert fought Common Core and SAGE testing from the beginning and that he strongly supports parental involvement in education decisions. His idea of “local control” which he strongly supports, is more like “state control” — under the auspices of the state school board which continues to take federal money with strings attached. Please take the time to truly vet both of these candidates before you vote in Utah’s primary.

PW – Sure glad because maybe he’ll catch on there are many many more Utahns whom he has been calling crazy nut-cases (or something like that) who are seriously unhappy with the whole Common Core debacle than he thought. A rude awakening, I’m sure.

SW – Congratulations Jonathan Johnson. I think Herbert is a nice man, but he favors things like Illegal Immigration, and Common Core which I don’t like either one. Jonathan is neither for Common Core nor Illegal Immigration. He will get my vote come Nov.

RM – HURRAY! Now tell everyone you know to VOTE for Jonathan Johnson for governor of Utah! We have a real chance to turn this state in the right direction, and shut down the crony part of the GOP!

BC – Congratulations Jonathan Johnson on your win today! I am thankful for your pledge to: 1. no more tax increases 2. stop common core 3. fight for local control of our lands and state sovereignty

I look forward to working to getting you elected in the June Primary.

RC – 55% is a huge number to pull against an incumbent gov.

KM – At least JJ is now in. Now we have to convince everyone to vote for JJ! Time to get rid of that gas bag who kisses up to the Left, while throwing us a bone once in awhile, while calling himself a Republican.

SP – Herbert went signatures only, signed instead of vetoed sb54.. He IS the reason the caucus system is in danger. I wonder if he would have dropped out if JJ had hit the threshold. That would have shown integrity…

JB – Herbert has lied to us a few too many times.

JC – As a state delegate, I have some negative feelings about the concert the Herbert campaign gifted delegates with last night. This is not because I am a supporter of Jonathan Johnson, but because I don’t think it is appropriate to do something so big in order to win votes. For those who are Christian, this is the scripture that keeps coming to my mind today regarding this issue. It can be applied to many issues we have in our state as well: Exodus 23:8 And thou shalt take no gift: for the gift blindeth the wise, and perverteth the words of the righteous.

JT – When are Utahans going to learn that politicians have to be changed periodically, just as do diapers . . . and often for the same reason?

SC – This morning, Jonathan Johnson made a personal and thoughtful statement applauding the legislature for their pornography health crisis initiative and condemning pornography as harmful to families. Shortly after this, Lt. Governor Spencer Cox’s tweeted out calling Jonathan Johnson a “hypocrite” because the billion dollar, publicly traded company, Overstock.com sells some adult material. What Spencer Cox didn’t mention, is that his family managed cable company, Centracom, currently sells subscriptions to pornographic stations such as HBO and Cinemax. Various reporters who called the cable company today confirmed that packages to these channels could be purchased immediately. Also, in past years, this family owned company sold on demand pornography. I am incredibly disappointed that the Herbert campaign turned Jonathan’s attempt to applaud the legislature into a last minute smear campaign which resulted in their own hypocrisy. Its time we move past the dirty, last minute campaign tactics. We are better than this. I look forward to seeing less mud slinging in the future.

WS – Let the slinging of the proverbial mud begin.

DC – We still have a lot of work to do. Herbert will have a big advantage in a primary because the general populace does not pay as much attention as the typical convention attendee does.

MG – The comments about Herbert dominated the beginning of the articles. Huge bias in Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News.

CB – I know Paul Mero tried to paint JJ as a “Libertarian” but Mero is rarely right and his smear job was transparently misleading. And a waste of paper.

DM – May I remind to that Mike Lee won the primary, when all of the “mainstream” folks expected that the moderate Bridgewater would win. I think Herbert’s “Healthy Utah,” HB 166, SB 54, and the recent tax hikes has enough people angered that he probably will not win the primary either. Herbert has shifted well to the left of us. He may find those leftward shifts were not as welcomed by the people as he thought.

KM – I actually vetted my candidate. Jonathan Johnson was either misinformed or purposely mislead his followers.

JR – I was not happy with some of Gov Herberts decisions over the past 4 years. When I tore into them I found a virtual obstacle course of liberal federal mandates. So many darned if you do, darned if you don’t decisions. I saw a governor who was trying to run a state during the most liberal presidential administration in history. I was

impressed by his careful, thoughtful approach to the issues. I’m convinced that nobody could have done better given the circumstances. Either way, aren’t we lucky to have the quality of candidates that we do? No other state can say that. I’ll fight for the Governor. But if JJ wins in June, I’ll be his biggest supporter. I’m loyal like that.

JG – I didn’t know governors took their orders from the President .

CB – “…a sitting Governor who has led the state out of the worst recession since the depression…” I would like a specific list of the alleged reasons why the Governor gets any meaningful credit, if any at all, for Utah’s economic turnaround. I know he likes to take credit for it, but I have failed to find any significant “leading” done for which any credit can actually be given.

KH – Leadership is shown by what the leader does to prioritize the direction he wants to go. Since day one Herbert has been laser focused on the economy and jobs in the state. When he took office the states economy was much less diverse then it is today. The fact that we now have one of the most diverse and strongest economy didn’t magically happen. It was with purpose and leadership this happened.

RP – The only thing that Gary Herbert has been laser focused on in the last 25 years is getting re-elected.

JD – What was the cause of the recession in Utah? If you study that I think you’ll find the Governor was more likely than not involved in promoting some of the very conditions that caused it.

BF – After witnessing Governor Herbert being disrespected at the Utah County Convention during his speech, it is troubling to see the lack of decorum by some republicans. The next two months will be very interesting to watch and see how in touch delegates where to their precincts. Reading between the lines, I have a great respect for Governor Herbert and believe that he has good policy and leadership traits that are a mark of a great leader. Red meat can be easily thrown out and devoured.

JD – Calling citizens’ voicing of their frustration with THEIR elected official who they feel has violated the principles they care about “disrespectful” and a “lack of decorum” is probably the MORE disrespectful act. This smacks of speech codes. Are we in China? No elected official is entitled to be endeared by the people they work for, this is the sort of thinking that is promoted in authoritarian regimes (adoration of leaders bordering on worship). It is also a marker of why many are frustrated–incumbents feeling entitled to unquestioning support while promoting policies that many a deeply unsettled with. As to the particulars, booing at points in a speech, hardly violated decorum. If decorum allows for applause, then it must equally allow for manifestations of disagreement. It is disingenuous for a speaker to only expect applause and then call disagreement or boos “disrespectful” or a “lack of decorum.” Perhaps next time the party should make convention rules that prohibit any reactions to speeches whether applause or boos. Dissent and disagreement are healthy markers of a free society.

CC – Governor Huntsman lead us out of the recession and Gary Herbert took credit for it with his $500,000 worth of billboards. I take offense at your slamming of the delegates who were there just because your guy lost! Maybe he should have invited all the ones who signed documents they had no idea what they were signing to come today. Have faith in the system. It worked. My guy won and your career politician who has not held a real job in 25 years, he came in second.

PP – No self-respecting libertarian would pander to dishonest anti-porn crusaders…but I think his libertarian leanings are his best feature.

CH – I was so impressed with Johnson’s speech. That really did it for me. Herbert was angry, agitated and seemed scared. Johnson was well spoken, genuine and I would like to see him given a chance, to make things better for our State. I find it disheartening that people are so afraid of change and so quick to stick to the status quo. Herbert was handed the State to him on a platter and he’s done what he could. It’s time for someone else to step in. Why do we keep allowing career politicians to keep representing us…just to sit back and complain about it later. We had the opportunity to make a change today. I’m glad so many took that opportunity! I’m excited to see how things go over the next few weeks.

LM – Herbert brought this on himself with his disregard for conservatives. Change a half dozen of his decisions and Johnson, despite being a great guy, would have had a much harder time getting traction. I will be working hard to get my county to vote for JJ in the primary.

SK – Greedy Herbert and his feeling of entitlement is being challenged. There’s no transaction that he doesn’t feel that he is entitled to a cut from. How about more gas taxes? They make more money from gas than the oil companies or the refiners yet every chance they get they need to take more. Some conservative.

JL – Don’t forget Herbert’s inexcusable veto of constitutional carry! And HB 116. And blindly welcoming military age male Islamists into Utah with open arms and the taxpayers’ coffers flowing. And Common Core. And this list could go on for days.

SR – Herbert lied on all the flyers he sent out. Trying to act like he has actually worked to give parents a voice in their children’s education. He kept using the word freedom when he was more than happy to make compromises with Obamas administration.

BD – The next Month’s is going to be a tough Marathon for JJ. Educating people about Herbert and getting them away from their sedentary ignorance of voting for just a familiar name and not know principles will be hard.

Mike Lee:

JS – I like him is because he’s is doing exactly what I wanted him to do. Stand firm on constitutional principles. People accuse him of stopping progress, but our government should have rigorous debate, and not pass thousands of pages of leviathan legislation without it being read.

Chris Herrod & Curt Bramble

DR – Congratulations to Chris Herrod for forcing Senator Bramble, the architect of the SB54 compromise, into a primary: his first primary since his initial 2000 election…”

BP – Yayyy – Chris. We need you back, but this time as a Senator!

DR – Senator Curt Bramble bought a spot on the primary ballot by gathering signatures. I hope the delegates in Senate District 16 pick up on his cue and ensure that he gets a primary opponent. I would hate to think that he wasted all that effort and money to guarantee his shot at reelection by gathering signatures and didn’t actually get a primary.

DR – Senator Bramble got a nice big contribution from Count My Vote. A couple of other nice contributions are the $6,000.00 in-kind he got from Energy Solutions and Education First where they paid for his signature gathering. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it looks good when a corporation and a PAC just hand you a place on the ballot:

FJ – It was his incumbent protection act. No surprise here. Only reason for surprise is that Utah county voters will probably return him to the Senate to do more damage

JS – Bramble has also been the primary supporter of HB116 and the person keeping it alive in Utah law. He promised to repeal HB116 in the 2016 session, but through typical Bramble trickery extended the start trigger date for about 10 years. Bramble is the number one political trickster and amnesty supporter in the Utah Senate.

VT – He would’ve been out except they changed the boundaries of his district…boy, would I love to see this one gone

LM – SCOTUS Said it is Freedom of Speech…to buy political representation. And people still think voting will get you equal representation (have to chuckle on that one)…Now Cash! That is what this republic is built on.

KK – Senate Race 16 has been opened up to a Primary with a candidate ready to bypass the will of the delegates. Give Bramble his Primary by voting for ache is Herrod. Let your neighbors decide who they want to represent them in Senate 16.
Jason Chaffetz:

JB – The vote for Boehner, Omnibus, Internet Tax, blank check amnesty, drug company bought and paid for…I think Chaffetz has forgotten his oath and the people that sent him there.

KG – I think Chaffetz has started focusing way too much on his eventual leadership prospects and less on representing Utahns and limited government.

DP – Impressive showing by Teng. No one has been able to get that close to forcing Chaffetz whom I support into a primary.

KG – The lowest Chaffetz has received since his first election.

The Convention

MS – Over 4,000 State Delegates at the 2016 Utah GOP Nominating Convention at the Salt Palace Convention Center this morning! Election for the Utah GOP Gubernatorial candidate coming up in a few mins.

JT – I thought the Utah County convention was last weekend?

AR – Final vote for Governor: Jonathan Johnson 55% Gary Herbert 44% (approximately). Will be a primary in June. State treasurer: 81% for the current treasurer (I can’t remember his name) and 19% for Merrill Cook. I think there may still be a primary due to Cook collecting enough signatures to get on the ballot.


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